Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1530

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1530 – Camille knew what this woman was trying to do because she was siding with Ada and her mother. “Carter, since you’re dating Miss Montgomery, then shouldn’t you let me see what she looks like? She’s a little disrespectful for having the mask on this whole time, don’t you think?”

Carter looked at Madeline after he heard that. Suddenly, he reached out his hand to grab Madeline’s hand.

Madeline could not escape from him, and her hand was hurting from his grip.

“Eveline hurt her face in an accident and hasn’t recovered yet. I hope you can understand, Mom.”

“She hasn’t recovered yet? How long has it been? Will she never recover?” Camille asked continuously, and her expression suddenly looked very solemn. “Carter, you should know the first rule for every daughter-in-law of the Louis family is that they have to have a dignified and fitting appearance.”

Actually, Madeline did not mind their standards for their daughters-in-law. After all, she was just a person Carter was using. Besides, she was only cooperating because she wanted to know why Carter was investigating Jeremy.

“Eveline’s face will recover. Dr. Lane is pretty confident,” Carter said slowly and then he emphasized, “I won’t change my mind, and I will never marry the woman I don’t like. Since you’re here, I want to find a time to get engaged to Eveline.”

“…” When Ada heard this, her face turned green.

The woman Carter said he did not like was her!

Plus, he even wanted to get engaged to Madeline!

Camille did not expect Carter to talk about his engagement using this opportunity. She was stunned, and when she came back to her senses, she saw Carter pulling Madeline to her feet.

“I have something to talk to Eveline about. Mom, you should have some tea and rest.”

“Carter.” Camille wanted to stop him, but he walked away quickly.

Ada glared at Madeline’s back and clenched her fists angrily. She could not stay calm anymore.

“Aunty Cammy, are you seriously agreeing to let this woman marry Carty? Not only does she look horrifying, but she’s not sincere toward Carty. I really have no idea why Carty likes a woman like her.”

Camille frowned as well. However, she was not worried. “Ada, don’t you worry. We won’t confirm Carter’s marriage so sloppily.”


“You should know Carter. Don’t provoke him. If not, you’ll be the one suffering from the disadvantages,” Camille reminded her.

Even though Ada was unconvinced, she could only do that for the time being.

Madeline followed Carter to the study before escaping from his grip.

Carter did not care about Madeline’s act of disdain. He removed his suit jacket and tossed it on the sofa before going to his desk.

“I’ve booked the time. We’ll have the engagement ceremony two days later in the garden of the manor.”

Madeline was shocked. “Engagement? Me and you?”

“It’s just a performance for those people. You don’t have to say anything when the time comes. You just have to cooperate with me.”

Madeline let out a sigh of relief when she heard Carter saying that.

It was just a performance, and she just needed to cooperate with him. It seemed like this was the only opportunity for her to find out more things about him.

Carter curled his lips and smirked in secret when he saw Madeline deep in thought.

“You come back less nowadays. How’s your revenge on Jeremy Whitman coming along?” he asked.

“It’s okay. It’s going pretty well.”

Madeline lied with a serious look on her face. She was worried that Carter would see through her, so she changed the topic quickly.

“Mr. Carter, since we’re already at this step, can you tell me who you are and what kind of background you have? At least let me know what’s going on so that I can better cooperate with you.”