Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 152

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 152 – The four words he said sounded light. It was as if he had used up all the energy in his body.

“Jeremy, I won’t give you Maddie anymore! Meeting you was the most unfortunate thing that ever happened to Maddie. Will you only be satisfied after you crush her bones into dust?”

When he listened to Ava’s accusations, Jeremy felt his temples throbbing furiously. He reached out his hand, his tone sounding firm. “Give her to me!”

“No! I’d rather d*e than give Maddie to you!”

When Jeremy saw that Ava was refusing to hand Madeline’s ashes to him, he felt like he was going to explode.

He reached out to snatch it from her, and of course, he got it.

He carried Madeline’s ashes and ran to the car. He heard Ava’s curses behind him, so he quickly stepped on the accelerator. Then, he left the scene like a thief.

Ever since he was young, Jeremy would get everything he wanted. No one had ever gone against him except for Madeline. However, he lost his reputation and image just to snatch over a d**d person’s ashes.

He went to Madeline’s home when she was still alive. He lay on the bed she slept in and tried to look for any trace of her as well as the warmth she left behind.

He decided to read Madeline’s diary once again. After he opened it, he saw Madeline’s feelings detailed in fragments.

‘6th November. Sunny.

‘Why can’t I let go of him even until now? What’s the purpose of protecting a man who doesn’t even love me? He’s able to hurt me to this extent and was also able to crush our daughter to dust, so why should I still yearn for him? Madeline Crawford, you deserve this. You deserve to be tortured by him.

‘11th November. Gloomy with rain.

‘If there’s a next life, I don’t want to run into him again. I don’t want to be in so much pain and go through so much torture. If time can be paused, I really hope it’d be paused the moment I ran into Jeremy in university. At least at that moment, he had smiled at me sincerely.

‘20th November. Snowy with rain.

‘My body hurts so much. I think I don’t have much time left. I’ll be able to go find my grandpa and my baby soon. They must be missing me. I want to stop this once and for all. I want to see my baby so much. I want to look at her face and hold her tiny body. I want to tell her that mommy loves her and that daddy actually loves her too, but he was blinded by a bad person. He’ll be very remorseful and heartbroken when he finally finds out the truth.’

When Jeremy read that, his vision had started to become blurry.

What was he blinded by in all these years?

He slowly flipped through the pages, and in the end, he saw ten words. Her handwriting was still nice and clean, but they were not very tidy.

The time recorded was the day before his engagement to Meredith.

‘20th February. Sunny.

‘I hope I won’t meet him in my next life.’

The ten simple words caused tears to fall from Jeremy’s eyes immediately.

She truly did not love him anymore.

There was only contempt.

From that day on, Jeremy started having problems sleeping. He could only s********h the help of sleeping pills.

However, when he finally fell asleep during those long nights, he would still see Madeline’s face in the middle of the night.

In the morning, Jeremy was focused on work and only work. It was as if he would not think about Madeline if he did that.

Meredith saw all of this happening in front of her eyes, so how would she be able to accept this?

She went to look for Jeremy. Sometimes, she would bring Jackson along to attract Jeremy’s attention. However, he ignored them and turned a deaf ear.

Meredith was so mad that she hired someone to get Madeline’s birthdate and star sign so that she could curse her a million times over.

She thought Jeremy was not concerned about Madeline at all, but she did not think that after she died, she would still occupy Jeremy’s thoughts.

She thought Jeremy was only feeling remorse and upset for the first few days. She thought that he definitely would not think about her anymore after some time had passed.

However, as the days went on, Jeremy had stopped paying her any attention. He even started to ignore Jackson now.