Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1519

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1519 – Madeline was infuriated and could not endure Naomi’s behavior anymore. She lifted her hand to get ready to pull down her mask to fight head-on with Naomi.

When Naomi saw Madeline wanting to remove her mask, she was shocked.

Yet, she was not worried at all. She knew Madeline’s face was so horrible it was unbearable for one to look straight at it. As such, no one would believe that a person with that face would be the real Madeline.

At this moment, Jeremy appeared behind Madeline.

“Quinny,” he called out to Madeline softly.

Madeline stopped abruptly after removing one of the straps of her mask.

“Quinny, you don’t have to leave. Go back to your room first.” Jeremy walked to Madeline’s side and looked into her eyes with his deep eyes. His gaze was extremely gentle.

“How can we do that, Jeremy? She slapped Eveline! She slapped your wife!” Karen emphasized.

In Naomi’s heart, she wanted to use Karen to kick Madeline out, but on the surface, she had to pretend to be generous and magnanimous. She also had to pretend to make concessions in order to gain advantages.

“Mom, we should just forget it. I know Quinny must still be mad at me about what happened in the park last time, so I understand. Plus, I’m not hurt. I’ll stop looking into this, so just let her stay.”

Karen still could not accept this after she heard it. “No, she has to leave—”

“Since the person involved has already said it’s fine, then we should stop talking about this,” Jeremy interrupted Karen coldly.

Karen was infuriated, so she did not sense anything wrong with this statement.

However, Madeline and Naomi heard him. Jeremy had just described Naomi as the person involved.

Madeline felt that this was strange. Then, she heard Jeremy saying to her calmly, “Lily and Jack are still waiting for you in the room. You should go back now.”

“Wait!” Karen stopped Madeline who was about to leave. “Jeremy, how can we just let this go? How can you let Eveline suffer such grievance? It’s fine if you let her stay, but how can she not apologize to Eveline?”

“Mom, I don’t need Quinny to apologize to me. I don’t blame her.” Naomi quickly put on a show because she wanted to bring out Madeline’s understanding qualities.

When Karen heard that, her heart ached even more. “Eveline, you’re too kind-hearted.”

Naomi smiled softly before lifting her head to look at Madeline. “Quinny, I don’t blame you. Since Lily and Jack like you so much, then please take care of these children more in the future.”

Madeline scoffed when she saw Naomi’s fake mask. “I’ll definitely take good care of Lily and Jack, but don’t expect me to be magnanimous with you.”

“…” Naomi’s smile froze.

Then, sarcasm started surfacing in Madeline’s eyes. “I keep hearing that Mr. Whitman’s wife, Eveline, is a generous, magnanimous, wise, charming, bold, well-mannered, and sharp woman. However, for some reason, in my opinion, you look like a fake with an over-compensating persona. Plus, you’re just a goody-two-shoes pretending to be pure and noble.”


Naomi was shocked. She did not expect Madeline to describe her like this.

Karen was utterly shocked. She thought something was wrong with her ears.

After Madeline said that, she turned around and went upstairs confidently. Her attitude was imposing and domineering.

“W-What kind of person is this?” Karen was shocked and stammering as she spoke. “Jeremy, do you really want someone like that staying in Whitman Manor? Are you not worried that Eveline will be infuriated by her?”

Jeremy lifted his head to look at Madeline’s back. Then, he said profoundly, “Linnie won’t.”

“What?” Karen did not understand him. She did not know what Jeremy was talking about.

“I have some work to take care of, so I’ll be at the study,” said Jeremy before going upstairs.

Karen wanted to ask him but she knew what Jeremy was like. As such, she felt that it was not necessary to ask.

After that, she comforted Naomi for a while before going back to her room.