Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 151

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 151 – Jeremy yelled tyrannically, causing Meredith to quickly turn around and run out in fear.

No one dared to go into the room anymore. At the same time, no one understood why Jeremy was acting like this.

Everyone in Glendale knew that Jeremy loved Meredith, but now, he was reluctant to let go of his d**d ex-wife’s body. What was going on?

Daniel knew about Madeline’s d***h from Adam. He ran over the moment he heard the news but was stopped outside the operating theatre.

He fought with Jeremy’s bodyguards for a while. Then, the door opened and Jeremy walked out.

When he saw Jeremy, Daniel escaped from the bodyguards and ran toward the man.

“Jeremy, you m******r! You k****d Maddie!” he yelled as he was about to punch Jeremy.

Jeremy grabbed Daniel’s hand indifferently, lifting his head to look at him with red eyes. “I said, no one’s allowed to come and disturb my wife. Scram!”

“Your wife?” Daniel was amused. “Jeremy, just ask yourself, when have you ever treated Maddie like she was your wife? Now that you’ve tortured her to d***h, you’re here pretending like you have such deep love for her. Don’t you think you’re being hypocritical and ridiculous?”

It seemed as if Daniel’s words had triggered the other man because dark clouds started appearing in Jeremy’s eyes and on his face.

He pushed Daniel away, overwhelmed by anger. However, in the end, he only said one word. “Scram!”

He shut the door of the operating theatre and once again, he locked himself and Madeline in the same enclosed space.

It was not real.

Madeline had to be pretending.

Then, he should put on this act with her. She would not be able to keep this up after some time.

However, he could not handle this anymore. No normal human could be able to withstand this for so long.

He reached out his trembling hands, his fingers landing softly on her face. The coldness traveled from his fingertips to his heart.

Jeremy felt a sting in the corner of his eyes. He could not control himself before holding Madeline’s shoulder and placing her against his chest. While caressing her cheek, his first tear dropped on her face that had already lost its temperature. However, no matter how hot his tears were, it would never be able to warm her body again.

‘Madeline, you said I’ll regret this. It’s true. I’m regretting this now. Can you wake up and look at my remorseful face?’

He hoped this was just an act. However, the passing time told him that the person in his arms was a d**d person.

Jeremy did not think nor feel that he liked Madeline. Plus, he did not expect him to like her this much.

All this time, he thought a woman like Madeline was just an eyesore.

However, at this moment, the excruciating pain reminded him again and again that he liked Madeline. He liked her so very much.

The news of Madeline’s d***h spread like wildfire. After Old Master Whitman knew about this, he was hospitalized from being too heartbroken.

Madeline was d**d, and it was an undeniable truth. Of course, Meredith was the happiest person. Even though she did not get to enjoy the party that day, now everyone in Glendale knew that she was Jeremy’s fiancée.

From now on, Madeline—the obstacle in her way—would be no more. No one would be able to threaten her position anymore!

As per Jeremy’s request, Madeline’s body was frozen and preserved.

Jeremy went back to the house for a while, but when he came back, he noticed that Madeline’s body was gone.

He looked all over for her like he was crazy. He even hoped that Madeline had run away because she could not keep up with her act anymore. However, in the end, he saw from the security footage that Ava had asked someone to take Madeline’s body away.

Jeremy went to the f*****l parlor with the clues from the security footage.

When he was about to go in, he saw Ava walking out with an urn.

Jeremy was frozen in the snow. At this moment, he felt as if he was committing a sin from just breathing.

Ava was crying heavily, and when she saw Jeremy, she walked around him.

Jeremy’s eyes were red as he chased after Ava before stopping her. “Give it to me.”