Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1499

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1499 – When Madeline saw Naomi’s sinister smile, she felt that something was off.

Actually, Naomi was good at controlling her because she had too many considerations.

Her lover and family whom she cared about were all her weaknesses.

As such, Naomi used this point to a****k her.

Naomi looked around and suddenly lifted her leg to kick the back of Eloise’s wheelchair.

The wheels of the wheelchair were locked, but perhaps Naomi was too strong so the wheels slipped and the wheelchair started speeding forward uncontrollably.

“Mom!” Madeline ran without hesitation to stop the wheelchair.

The wheelchair was heading toward the lake. If Eloise fell, Madeline did not dare to imagine what would happen.

She sped ahead and grabbed the handles of the wheelchair to pull it back.

Fortunately, Eloise did not fall into the lake. However, Madeline felt a shadow looming behind her suddenly.

A second later, Naomi lifted her hand to push Madeline into the lake when she was least expecting it.

Madeline was caught off guard and lost her balance before falling into the lake with a loud splash.


Naomi scoffed and looked at Madeline who was struggling in the water.

She knew Madeline did not know how to swim, so as long as no one saved her, she would inevitably d***n.

Eloise fell on the ground since the wheelchair had slipped. When she saw the scene before her, her expression changed. “Eveline!”

Naomi heard Eloise’s screams and turned around to look at her in surprise.

When she saw Eloise struggling to get up from the ground, she slowly walked over to Eloise and squatted.

“Oh, so you know the person who has fallen into the lake is your daughter, huh? You’re not as stupid as I thought, then.”

Naomi mocked. When she heard passersby coming to see what was going on after they heard the commotion, she changed her expression and pretended to help Eloise up considerately.

“Mom, are you okay? You scared me. Why did the wheelchair lose control all of a sudden?”

Naomi said while looking melancholic, even deliberately increasing her volume.

The passersby looked curiously at Naomi and Eloise. Some even came to assist Naomi in helping Eloise back on the wheelchair.

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” Naomi thanked them politely and displayed a worried expression to ask for help. “Can any one of you help my maid? She fell into the lake just now when she was saving my mother.”

“Someone fell into the lake?”

“Go and save her now!”

Many good samaritans went over to the lake.

Naomi started cursing furiously in her heart when she saw so many people rushing to the lake.

She had hoped that Madeline would d***n.

That way, she could live her life peacefully.

Naomi saw two strong men jumping into the lake at the same time. When she was about to go see what was going on, someone grabbed her wrist.

“Give Eveline back!”

Eloise grabbed Naomi’s hand tightly, her eyes like knives. They looked like they were about to penetrate Naomi’s mask.

Naomi furrowed her brows and intentionally looked at the people around her. When she saw that everyone’s attention was on the lake, she flung away Eloise’s hand maliciously and warned in a deep voice.

“Let me tell you, don’t infuriate me. If not, you’ll be buried next to Rye!”

Naomi left Eloise angrily. Then, she turned around and her expression changed again.

She ran to the lake and saw the two men looking for Madeline. However, they did not find her.

“We can’t find her. I think she’s done for.”