Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1493

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Almost immediately, Madeline sensed that perhaps Jeremy was back after seeing Naomi’s sudden performance.

At the same time, Madeline also understood what Naomi meant by ‘experiment’.

Naomi pushed her away exaggeratedly and sat on the ground to pretend she had just fallen. She yelped in pain, “Ah!”

“What happened?” Karen’s surprised and curious voice sounded from afar.

Madeline quietly watched as Naomi looked provokingly at her from the ground. For some reason, her heart started beating anxiously.

She remembered back when Meredith had impersonated her.

The man she loved the most and her family she was closest to decided to believe Meredith’s lies, abandoning her instead.

When Madeline was stuck in a daze, she sensed the familiar footsteps and air behind her.

Madeline thought the first thing Jeremy would do was to help Naomi up, but instead, he stopped next to her and handed her a mask.

“Put this on.”

Jeremy said those three words gently to Madeline.

This action shocked Madeline and Naomi at the same time.

Naomi reacted quickly and called out aggrievedly, “Jeremy, my leg hurts. I don’t know what happened to Quinny and why she suddenly got angry with me. She even pushed me.”

After Naomi slandered her, Sean walked to her side and bent down to help her up. “Eveline, are you okay? What happened?”

Naomi shook her head aggrievedly and looked at Madeline. “It’s nothing, never mind. Maybe Quinny is in a bad mood.”

Sean walked to Madeline after he heard that. Even though the night was dark, the light from the street lights was enough to make him see the burns on Madeline’s face clearly.

He was extremely shocked. At the same time, he felt heartbroken and pitiful for some unknown reason. He did not expect Madeline’s face to be so badly d********d.

“Jeremy, Dad, don’t blame Quinny. She’s a woman, and her face was d********d so badly. It’s only normal for her to be in a bad mood. I’m fine. She only pushed me a little, it’s no big deal.” Naomi pretended to be understanding toward others, and her performance was natural and unrestrained.

Madeline peered coldly at Naomi’s performance before saying, “I’m not in a bad mood. I purposely pushed you because you disgust me.”

“…” Naomi did not expect Madeline to talk back to her like that.

Sean was also shocked. However, Jeremy’s reaction was calm.

Madeline reached out her hand to grab the mask Jeremy handed to her. “Thank you, Mr. Whitman. I’m going back to my room. I’ll go and take care of Mrs. Montgomery afterward.”

“You’re exhausted from saving Lily today, so you can rest earlier. My father-in-law will take care of my mother-in-law tonight.” Jeremy’s answer was out of Madeline’s expectation, and his attitude was warm as well.

“Thank you for doing the utmost for saving Lily today.”

Madeline lifted her head to meet Jeremy’s gentle gaze. For some reason, she felt as if there was an abnormally warm glint in his eyes. She had a million things to say to him in her heart, but in the end, Madeline only said two words, “You’re welcome.”

After she said that, she grabbed the mask Jeremy gave her and walked back to the house.

Naomi did not expect this to happen. She thought Jeremy, Sean, and even Karen would berate Madeline, but now, everything passed as if nothing had happened.

Madeline went back to her room, and her heartbeat became erratic.

However, she had won the experiment just now.

Not only did Jeremy not blame her or misunderstand her, but he was also so considerate toward her.

“Jeremy, do you really feel something?”

Knock, knock, knock.

Madeline was still leaning against the door while deep in thought when someone knocked on it.