Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 149

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 149 – How was this possible?

He did not care about her at all. He had never cared about her.

Jeremy kept on hypnotizing himself while suppressing his emotions. However, the intense pain in his heart forced him to accept the truth that he could not deny anymore.

He had fallen in love with Madeline.

He did not know when it started, but Madeline had slowly made a home inside his heart.

He remembered that he loved Meredith. He loved Meredith who he had made promises to when they were younger. Why had that person become Madeline instead?

Jeremy massaged his temples, feeling agitated. His eyes were staring at the light of the operating theatre that was still on. He felt as if he had lost something important in the quicksand of his memory and could not get it back anymore.

An entire day passed and the light of the operating theatre was still not switched off.

Meredith was already impatient, but Jeremy looked too horrifying at this moment, so she did not dare to act without thinking. She could only wait for the doctors to announce that they had failed to save Madeline and she died.

Eloise came after a while. When she saw Jeremy at the entrance of the operating theatre, she went over to seek justice for Meredith.

“Jeremy, why are you still here? How can you let Meredith waste her time accompanying you here? Based on my knowledge of that evil woman, she must be acting! She’s only trying to get your attention and ruin your engagement with Mer!

“Come, Mer. Take Jeremy back to the hotel with me,” Eloise said before trying to pull Jeremy up. When Meredith was about to help her, Jeremy mercilessly pushed away Eloise’s hand that was trying to grab him. His red eyes looked at her piercingly and there was a sinister glint in them.

“So what if she’s acting? Even if she is, she’s doing it for me. What does it have to do with you two? Get lost!”

Eloise did not expect Jeremy to answer her like this. She was so shocked that she was stunned momentarily. Then, she tried speaking up for Meredith again.

“Jeremy, you’re wrong. You’ve divorced Madeline and Mer is your fiancée now…”

“So what? That won’t change the fact that she used to be my woman! It also won’t change the fact that her name is already registered in my family tree! Stop annoying me! If not, I’ll put all the blame on you if something happens to Madeline!”

Eloise and Meredith were silent after hearing what Jeremy said. They did not dare to say anything more.

His face looked terrifying right now, especially those eyes. It was as if they would penetrate through anyone who looked into them.

Meredith clenched her fists in secret. She could not accept how Jeremy was reacting to Madeline’s condition right now.

Actually, she already noticed the special treatment Jeremy was giving Madeline.

The best example was that he allowed her to get pregnant and give birth to his child.

What about her? Despite her downing him with alcohol and trying to get intimate with him, he would always fall asleep every time. She never once got her way.

The experts in the operating room changed shifts multiple times in one night.

Jeremy also contacted his best doctor to come to save Madeline.

As time went by, Jeremy felt as if the day was dragging on like a year. He never had this kind of feeling before and never felt that it was so difficult to make it through the night.

The next day, the light of the operating theatre was turned off when the sky was still grey.

Jeremy felt as if his nerves had been yanked by something. He stood up quickly and walked to the door. There was hope in his eyes. He was hoping to hear news of Madeline being successfully saved.

In just one night, stubble had grown around his chin. Furthermore, he looked wan and sallow.

The experts walked out of the room. When they saw Jeremy, they shook their heads in regret. “Mr. Whitman, we’ve tried our best.”