Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1484

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1484 – After Madeline went in, she closed the door. She walked to the coffee machine routinely and with ease before making coffee for Jeremy.

Jeremy sat in front of the desk as he watched Madeline making coffee. A subtle light flashed across his bottomless eyes.

He did not say anything. His long and thin fingers controlled his mouse while his narrow eyes stared at his desktop, but he was not working. Instead, he was playing some games to pass time.

He did not have any urgent proposals to look through. The reason he stayed in the study was that he did not like to go back to his bedroom nowadays.

Jeremy played his game and glanced at Madeline occasionally. When he saw her bringing the coffee over when it was ready, he closed the tab for his game and opened a file for work to pretend he was reading some documents seriously.

Madeline glanced at the screen of the computer nonchalantly and placed the coffee in front of Jeremy.

“Mr. Whitman, the coffee’s ready. Watch out, it’s hot.”

“Okay,” Jeremy replied lazily and picked up the coffee to take a sip. “How do you know that I like more milk and less sugar in my coffee?”

“…” Madeline was taken aback when she heard that. Then, she showed a look of surprise. “Is that really such a coincidence? I like more milk and sugar in my coffee as well. I didn’t think that you’d like it too.”

“Is that so?” Jeremy sounded like he was lamenting. Then, he asked, “Aren’t you tired?”

Madeline shook her head, and her longing gaze was glued to Jeremy’s handsome face. “Not yet. Do you need me for anything else, Mr. Whitman?”

Jeremy pointed at the bookshelf next to him. “I haven’t tidied up my bookshelf for some time. Some books are not organized. Please help me categorize them.”

“Okay,” Madeline replied.

As long as she had more time to spend with Jeremy, she would be happy to do anything.

Jeremy stared at Madeline’s busy back and for some reason, the coffee in his mouth started to taste bitter.

Time passed unbeknownst to them.

After Madeline finished rearranging the bookshelf, she turned around to see that Jeremy was still sitting at his desk looking at the screen seriously. She walked over quietly to take the cold coffee cup away. After she washed it, she placed it back to where it belonged.

Then, she tidied up the coffee table and shelves. After she was done, she realized that Jeremy was still looking at his computer.

She started to feel heartbroken. Her heart was breaking because he was working so late.

Madeline did not plan to leave just like that. She walked over to the sofa and sat down quietly.

She did not know whether Jeremy would want her to do something else again. She only knew that she had to appreciate this rare time alone with him.

Jeremy sat in front of his desk lazily, but this whole time, his attention was not on his work.

He looked as if he was looking at his computer, but his focus was on Madeline the entire while. He was watching her from the corner of his eyes.

Time passed slowly, and the night became quieter and quieter.

The person who was resting on the sofa had unknowingly fallen asleep.

Jeremy stood up and walked quietly to the sofa.

He picked up a blanket and placed it on top of Madeline gently.

He looked at those eyebrows that looked as delicate as a painting. He could not help but lift his hand. However, when he was about to touch her, he stopped himself.


That word escaped from his lips uncontrollably, and he furrowed his eyebrows. Then, he lowered his eyes. In the end, his gaze stopped at the wedding ring on Madeline’s left ring finger.

Jeremy carefully picked up Madeline’s left hand to try to take it off to see if there were engravings inside. However, he noticed that he could not easily take the ring off.

Looking at Madeline who was sound asleep, Jeremy suddenly had a thought in his heart…