Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1482

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1482 – Madeline could feel the stare behind her. She sped up and started mumbling to herself in her heart.

The woman was right. She was indeed Eveline Montgomery, but she would not let her know this.

Madeline held her clothes and walked back to her room quickly. However, coincidentally, she ran into Jeremy who was walking up the stairs.

The lights in the house were back on, and when Jeremy was making his way upstairs, he saw Madeline’s unmasked face. At that moment, he felt as if he was frozen. He stood there motionlessly like a statue.

Madeline did not expect to see Jeremy face to face like this.

He saw her. He saw her current face clearly.

Madeline felt her heart turn cold. An unknown pain started slowly seeping into her bone marrow.

She did not hide from him. On the other hand, she turned her head calmly and walked into the guest bedroom before closing the door.

Madeline leaned against the door. After a while, she heard the imposter’s simpering voice from the other side of the door. “Jeremy, I was so scared when the power went out just now.”

“Don’t be scared. It’s fine now. Go back to the room and rest.” Jeremy’s comforting voice glided past her ears. However, when they landed in Madeline’s ears, they were as piercing as sharp knives.

‘Jeremy, are you comforting the woman before going back to the room to s********h her?

‘Will you hold her to sleep and whisper sweet nothings into her ears like how you used to do to me back then?’

Time passed slowly, and the more Madeline thought about this, the more frustrated she felt and the more she was unable to bear this.

She suddenly opened the door and walked to the door of the room that used to belong to her and Jeremy.

Back then, this woman impersonated her to stay in this house. She did not have the power to do anything and could not expose her. However, now that she was back, she could not watch while this woman dominated her husband and lied to her family!

Besides, Madeline now knew who this woman was.

Naomi Lionel!

It was that Naomi Lionel!

That Naomi Lionel who was packaged into a fake socialite by Lana and still could not forget about Ryan!

Yes, even if she was hideous, wretched, and horrifying, she could not allow that woman to behave unscrupulously.

Jeremy. She would not allow that woman to pollute her Jeremy!

Madeline could not take everything lying down anymore. As such, she barged to the door of the bedroom in a sharp and imposing manner.

Looking at the tightly shut door, she did not hesitate before lifting her hand to knock on it.

However, after she clenched her fist and was about to touch the door, a hand grabbed her hand from behind.

The familiar warmth started spreading from the back of her hand to her heart. After Madeline was stunned, she turned around in surprise to see Jeremy standing in front of her.


Her heart was utterly shocked.

Madeline did not hide or avoid him anymore. Her uncontained grievance and hurt were overflowing from her twinkling eyes.

Jeremy looked at the ghastly sight that was Madeline’s face up close. For some reason, his heartstrings snapped painfully all of a sudden.

Looking at those teary wide eyes, he felt as if his heart was being sliced by a thousand knives.

He grabbed Madeline’s hand tightly and suddenly asked softly, “Actually, we know each other, right?”