Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1481

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1481 – Madeline was unprepared for the imposter’s sudden gesture.

However, Madeline did not allow herself to be the passive one. She grabbed the woman’s wrist and pushed her away forcefully.

“Mrs. Whitman, what are you doing?” Madeline tidied her clothes. She felt that her collar was going to be torn apart by this woman.

When she saw Madeline’s calm expression, the woman turned around and locked the door of the bathroom. Then, she turned back and looked into Madeline’s eyes.

“Are there two similar pairs of eyes in this world?”

The woman mocked and said this with a laugh. Then, she walked in front of Madeline, and suddenly, she saw intense hatred and anger in the woman’s eyes who were made to look like hers.

“Stop pretending. I know it’s you!” The woman lowered her voice, but she sounded as if she was roaring that statement to her.

Madeline immediately understood what this woman meant. It turned out that she was suspecting her to be Eveline Montgomery.

It turned out that the reason she pulled down her top was to look at the mole on her chest to confirm her identity.

Plus, the reason this woman suspected this was probably because of Ryan’s d***h.

However, Madeline only blinked innocently and bewilderedly. “Mrs. Whitman, what do you mean? I don’t understand. Have we met before?”

“Stop pretending!” The woman widened her eyes, looking aggressive.

Madeline finally saw that this was how she looked when she was angry.

“No wonder Jeremy is so concerned about your every move. Your eyes look the same? It’s not the eyes at all! It’s the feeling!

“What disfigurement? That’s a lie! You’re figuring out how to come back to this family so that you can expose me, right? Let me tell you now, I won’t let you get away with this!”

The woman growled in a deep voice and cornered Madeline to the vanity unit. When Madeline was not paying attention, the woman reached out all of a sudden to rip Madeline’s mask away from her face.

At that instant, Madeline’s horrific scars invaded her vision. The woman’s anger immediately went away, and now, she was utterly stunned.

She thought she would see a gorgeous and flawless face, but unexpectedly, what she saw was a horrifying face that was covered with red and swollen scars.

‘This isn’t Eveline Montgomery.’

The woman widened her eyes in astonishment. Suddenly, she felt like she had acted too impulsively.

Madeline looked at the shocked expression on the imposter’s face and curled the corners of her lips into a small smile. “Do you see now, Mrs. Whitman? Do you see whether I’m lying or not?”

“…” The imposter stared at Madeline’s face, confused.

“Mrs. Whitman, I really don’t understand what you were talking about just now. You said I came back to this family to expose you? However, what’s there for me to expose?”

Madeline purposely asked in curiosity. She even lifted her eyebrows.

“Do you have a secret that you can’t let other people know, Mrs. Whitman? Or perhaps you thought I was someone who knows your secret?”

“…” The woman shifted her gaze away from Madeline when she heard those questions. A few seconds later, she furrowed her brows together to look like she was feeling troubled. “What happened to me just now? Quinny, I’m so sorry. I thought you were that horrible woman who had hurt me before. I’m so sorry.”

She found an excuse to apologize repeatedly. Her tone also instantly softened a great deal.

“I’m so sorry. I really thought you were… Oh!” The woman sighed, looking apologetically and melancholically at Madeline’s face. However, when she glanced at her, she was obviously shocked again.

Madeline’s face indeed looked pretty scary after she got hurt.

“Quinny, I didn’t expect your face to be hurt like this. I know a great doctor friend. I’ll ask him to see if your face can still be fixed or not.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Mrs. Whitman, but there’s no need.” Madeline rejected coldly. When she was about to put her mask back on, she realized the strap was broken. As such, she could only walk back like this without a choice.

The woman turned to look at Madeline’s back. She frowned in agitation. “Is it really such a coincidence that only her eyes look like Eveline’s?”