Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1470

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1470 – “I’m warning you, don’t touch my person.”


His person?

When did she become his person?

Madeline knew clearly in her heart that this man was only using her to get rid of the woman.

However, he did not give her any chance to explain before he grabbed her wrist suddenly and walked upstairs.

“Carter! Carter!” The woman yelled angrily behind them in dissatisfaction, but the man did not have the desire to stop at all.

As they were going upstairs, Madeline tried to remove herself from the man’s grip several times. However, he only grabbed her even tighter.

“She can’t see us anymore, so can you let go now, Mr. Carter?” Madeline asked in displeasure.

Carter stopped walking and turned back to look at Madeline. When he saw the resistance and dissatisfaction in Madeline’s eyes, he let go immediately.

“Come in.” He walked into the study first.

Madeline followed after him. She remembered his identity that the woman had just exposed and asked after pondering for a few seconds. “Your name is Carter Grey?”

The man paused for a while before nodding lightly. “I trust that you haven’t forgotten about the fact that I saved your life?”

He asked suddenly, and Madeline could vaguely feel that that man might be trying to request something from her. She nodded nonchalantly. “Of course, I won’t forget. You saved my life.”

“Good,” the man said and looked into Madeline’s eyes. “So, from now on, you’re my fiancée.”


Madeline had already predicted this, but she did not expect it to be true.

Of course, she did not want to play a role like this. “Mr. Carter, no one will believe that a noble young master like you will be attracted to a woman who has been d********d to this extent.”

After she said that, the look on Carter’s eyes when he looked at Madeline changed subtly. Of course, he did not forget how someone had just exposed his identity downstairs just now.

Even though Madeline might not know what kind of family was the Louis family, she could at least analyze it a little.

“You don’t need to worry about whether people will believe us or not. You just have to cooperate with me.” Carter was determined, and he did not want to give Madeline any chance of rejecting him.

She was left with no options. The only thing she was wishing for right now was to not run into the woman again. If not, she would be annoyed to d***h.

Madeline found a reason to get out of the house. Then, unbeknownst to her, she arrived downstairs at Whitman Corporation.

She never knew that the wind on an autumn afternoon could be so cold.

She initially wanted to wait here to see if she could run into Jeremy. However, to her surprise, she spotted an ad for a job vacancy.

Whitman Manor wanted to hire a maid.

Madeline had the idea to go for the interview. When she arrived at the gates of Whitman Manor, she saw that there were a lot of people here for the interview as well. Plus, there were also a lot of beautiful young girls in line.

Through their conversation, Madeline knew that the Whitmans were looking for someone to take care of Eloise.


Madeline’s heart started to ache.

It had been so long and Eloise still had not recovered.

“Mr. and Mrs. Whitman are back!”

“What a match made in heaven.”

“If I can become the maid for the Whitmans, it’ll be such a blessing because I can see Mr. Whitman every day!”

Madeline finally understood why so many young girls were here for the interview. Soon after, she saw Jeremy and the woman impersonating her walking out together from the front door.

While looking at the man who was walking toward her, Madeline could feel her heart beating erratically again.

When she was wondering how she could ace the interview, she suddenly noticed Jeremy walking straight to her.