Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1469

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1469 – She heard the man’s cold and displeased voice in her ears. The hand the woman was reaching over to grab her mask was also halted.

Madeline lifted her head and saw the side profile with amazing features.

She quickly got out of the man’s arms and walked to one side.

The man looked at Madeline. Then, his cold gaze landed on the unruly and headstrong woman.

“Who allowed you to come here? And who gave you the courage to mess with her?” he asked in dissatisfaction.

The woman bit her plump red lips. Her beautiful face was filled with grievances. “Carter Gray, how dare you speak to me this way for that woman?!”

‘Carter Gray.

‘So this man’s name is Carter Gray.’

Finally, Madeline knew.

However, she was confused about the relationship between this woman and the man.

They did not look like husband and wife. However, this woman did say she was the matriarch of this house.

“Who do you think you’re talking to right now?”

When Madeline was contemplating, she heard the man asking the woman in an extremely icy tone.

His tone sounded cold and flat, but the hidden temperament of his voice was suffocating.

Madeline saw the woman’s arrogance slowly d***g down. Her tone even started to soften almost in an instant. Plus, her expression also turned from a ferocious tigress to a cute little lamb.

“Carty, I didn’t mean to be this fierce. However, you didn’t contact me for so many days and you’re even keeping this woman with you. As your fiancée, of course, I’ll mind and get jealous.”

She was his fiancée.

Madeline immediately understood. However, she just felt that this woman was extremely passionate about Carter, but she could see that this man did not have any special feelings for this woman. He even looked a little annoyed at her.

Madeline heard the man scoffing in the next minute.

“Are you seriously so innocent to think that you’re the future matriarch of the Grays just because that old man said he wants to play matchmaker for us?”

After the woman heard that, the smile on her beautiful face started fading. “Carty, what do you mean? I really like you. Also, Aunty said—”

“I’ll never marry you,” Carter answered straightforwardly, not giving her any chances.

The woman frowned while looking depressed. Then, she bit her red lip as her face became filled with reluctance. “Why? I’m so gorgeous and have such a hot body. Plus, I like you so much too! Why won’t you marry me?”


Madeline felt a little helpless when she heard this question.

If she was able to make someone she liked reciprocate her feelings for him based on all of that, then this relationship would be too shallow.

However, Madeline could tell that Carter did not want to quibble with the woman anymore. Plus, he was also tired of explaining. As such, he lowered his head to look at Madeline.

“Come upstairs with me.”

“Oh,” Madeline responded to him and then followed the man as he turned around.

“Carter, are you abandoning me because of that woman?”

The woman questioned in dissatisfaction. She ran furiously in front of Madeline and stared at Madeline’s bright, beautiful eyes.

“I want to see how beautiful she is and how she’s able to defeat me to win the heart of the viscount of the noble Louis family!”

Madeline did not have time to digest Carter’s identity that was exposed by the woman before she saw her hand reaching over to try to remove her mask.

However, the moment she lifted her hand, Carter grabbed it tightly once again.


He pushed the woman’s hand away in displeasure, causing the woman to stumble backward.

“Carter, how dare you push me for another woman?!”

However, Carter completely ignored the woman’s feelings. A piercing cold glint appeared from the bottom of his eyes as he reminded her coldly.