Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1461

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1461 – Madeline raised her slightly trembling fingers and stroked her cheek.

The smoothness from the past no longer existed. What was left were just bumpy and ugly scars.

Except for the small wound on her forehead and her eyes that were intact, the other parts, especially the sides of her cheeks, were damaged to the extent that it was unbearable to look at.

Madeline squeezed the handle of the mirror and forced herself to calm down. However, no woman in the world could accept their initially flawless face getting ruined like this—neither could Madeline.

“It’s still in a preliminary state. Your face will heal after some treatments.” The doctor beside Madeline gave her some hope.

“Thank you, I’ll cooperate with the treatment.” Madeline put on a smile and thanked him.

Back then when she laughed, there were sweet dimples. Now, there was not an inch of intact skin on her face, let alone dimples.

Madeline put down the mirror and clenched the ring on her ring finger before casting her eyes down in despair.

‘Jeremy, you probably won’t recognize me anymore now that I’m like this, right?

‘Even if I stand in front of you, you’ll only pass by blindly.

‘Just like that dream, you and I are now just strangers to each other.’

“Have you seen what you look like now?” The cold voice sounded next to her.

Madeline lifted her head. Her clear and lively eyes met the man’s narrow and black eyes calmly.

“I have,” she replied calmly. Her emotions were flat as well. “I still need to thank you, or else I wouldn’t even be alive now.”

The man furrowed his thick eyebrows and peered at Madeline with interest. “Your reaction is a little special now that you’ve seen yourself.”

Madeline understood what the man meant. She looked at him as her eyes lit up. “You said being sad is the most useless thing in the world. I can’t change what has happened, so what can I do aside from accepting it? Plus, I’ll still have hope as long as I’m alive, right?”

After she said that, there was a fleeting look of admiration in his eyes.

She was indeed very different from how he imagined. He thought this woman would be wailing loudly and inconsolable after she saw how badly she was d********d.

However, Madeline’s reaction shocked him.

Of course, no one could understand how Madeline was feeling at the moment. How could she be completely calm? She just did not want to face this pessimistically.

She could only cooperate with the treatment and wait for the day when she fully recovered.

At least, she could move freely now. Plus, she also had the strength to eat and drink.

To get more information on why the man was investigating Jeremy, she deliberately got up early the next day.

She knew that this man would have his breakfast in the dining room at eight o’clock sharp every morning, and during this period, his entourage would report some things back to him.

Madeline calculated the time and only went downstairs when she saw the man walking into the dining room.

The man was very observant. When he saw Madeline, he invited her courteously. “Are you interested in having breakfast with me?”

Madeline walked to the side of the dining table. “Aren’t you worried that my face will ruin your appetite, Mr. Carter?”

The man stared emotionlessly at Madeline’s face for a few seconds. “Sit down.”

Madeline knew in her heart that the man did not care about how she looked, although her face was indeed too horrifying.

The maid served Madeline some breakfast as well. Madeline ate some of it, and after a while, she saw the man’s entourage coming up to him to report some information to him.

“Mr. Carter, we can go to Glendale tonight. I heard that Jeremy is going to celebrate a special day with his wife, so he has been busy decorating these few days. He rarely goes to the office nowadays.”

After hearing what the entourage said, Madeline’s hands that were holding the fork and knife froze.

Special day?

Madeline quickly racked her brain, but she did not remember any anniversaries coming up.

‘However, Jeremy has been preparing a surprise for this woman these days?

‘What surprise will it be?’

Madeline’s brain was filled with questions. She wanted to know, but at the same time, she was even more reluctant to see Jeremy preparing a surprise for an imposter who was impersonating her.