Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1453

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1453 – Madeline peered coldly at Ryan who was about to chase up to her. “Freedom.”

She said decisively and suddenly, she reached her long legs over the railing of the deck.

Ryan felt his heart sink. “Eveline!” He reached out his arm to grab her, but Madeline had made up her mind. She did not hesitate before jumping into the vast ocean.


Ryan had turned pale from fright. He did not expect Madeline to do this.

However, this was not strange if he really thought about it.

She was always unyielding and tenacious.

Her body quickly sank into the ocean as a layer of white ripples appeared over the area where she jumped down.

Ryan widened his eyes in h****r before he saw Madeline’s head bobbing out from the ripples. The worry and terror in his heart were slightly alleviated.

Madeline continued swimming without turning back.

She knew it would be impossible for her to swim back to Glendale. However, she could still swim back to the island and think of another plan. It would be better than being forcefully taken to another unknown place.

“Eveline, why are you so stubborn?” Ryan yelled at Madeline who was swimming back. “I told you I won’t hurt you again. Why are you still refusing to give me some time? You can forgive a man who hurt you until you had nothing left but you won’t give a chance to someone who wants to give you warmth?

“Eveline, you’re so heartless!”

Ryan chuckled lightly. His complaints sounded like they came from an infatuated person who had become obsessed because they could not get the love they craved.

Madeline did not turn back. She knew Ryan was being paranoid. Perhaps the love he had in his head was just because he could not accept the reality of things.

Ryan clenched his fists and slammed them down on the railing as he watched Madeline swimming back without hesitation. She had her back toward him. The brims of his eyes were dyed with a touch of crimson color. and it was caused by him feeling extremely unwilling.

Madeline did what Jeremy taught her and continued swimming forward. She did not know whether she was in luck because she saw another yacht heading toward her direction from not far away.

Immediately, Madeline’s eyes lit up with hope.

She wanted to ask for help. She needed to ask for help from the people on the yacht!

Of course, Ryan also spotted the yacht that was heading over. He knew Madeline would ask for help, but he would not allow that to happen.

He quickly turned around and went back to the cabin to control the steering wheel. Then, he drove the yacht to where Madeline was. He wanted to chase up to her and bring her back to the yacht.

However, even though he successfully controlled the wheel, for some reason, he heard some strange noises from the chassis. It was as if something sharp had slashed across it.

Madeline turned around to take a look and she saw Ryan’s yacht speeding toward her.

She increased her speed, but at the end of the day, she would never be faster than a yacht.

However, when she turned around to see the yacht getting closer and closer to her, Madeline accidentally noticed sparks coming from the chassis of the yacht.

Madeline immediately recalled the yacht leaking oil before exploding when she went out to sea with Jeremy last time.

She saw Ryan standing on the deck, his face looking irritable and deeply worried.

Madeline stopped, and because of her natural instinct, she yelled at Ryan, “Get away from the yacht!”

Ryan saw that Madeline had stopped. While he felt surprised, he also felt happy. However, he then heard her yelling this to him.

“Get out of there! Ryan!” Madeline yelled once again, her voice sounding urgent.

Ryan gradually sensed that something was wrong. At this moment, he smelled gasoline.

“Ryan, run!” Madeline increased her voice and reminded.

However, Ryan suddenly calmed down. He looked at Madeline who was in the blue seawater. Her worried face was still as wonderful as the first time he met her.

Her graceful and gentle face remained unchanging as she appeared in front of him with the radiance of the sun.