Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1448

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1448 – “I think it’s more likely that you made Mommy mad.”

“…” Jeremy felt nervous all of a sudden when he heard that.

“Daddy, did you forget about any special days and didn’t give Mommy a present?”

Special days?

After his son’s reminder, Jeremy did remember something.

‘However, is Linnie someone who’ll change her attitude toward me and my children because I forgot about a special day?”

Jeremy was curious but he felt that it made sense.

‘Women are still cute even when they throw tantrums sometimes.’

When Jeremy thought about this, he felt much better.

After he sent the children to kindergarten, Jeremy was about to go buy a present for their anniversary.

However, the moment Jeremy left the entrance of the kindergarten, a tall figure started wandering around the entrance.

The man did not try to go in. He just stood outside the fence as he watched one of the classrooms in the kindergarten silently.

It was finally recess and he watched as Lillian’s tiny figure walked out from her classroom. After a while, Jackson walked next to Lillian. The siblings then walked under a ginkgo tree to play quietly.

When Fabian saw this scene, he smiled faintly.

He carefully approached the fence near the tree. He could only watch them at this distance.

It was still horrible when he remembered how Lillian would run away or even cry when she saw him back then.

As such, Fabian did not want to disturb her. However, he was still spotted by the observant Jackson.

“It’s Lily’s friend.” He looked at Fabian and blinked.

The speechless Lillian looked over to where Jackson was looking. When she saw Fabian, the little princess was stunned.

However, Fabian was happy with this one glance. “Lily.”

He called out the little girl’s name softly and was waiting for Lillian to show him her innocent, unaffected smile. However, Lillian frowned and shook her head. Then, she turned around without saying anything.

“Lily.” Fabian felt his heart was empty.

“Did you make my sister unhappy?” Jackson asked curiously and frowned. “My sister won’t get mad for no reason.”

“…” Fabian had nothing to say to that. When he saw Jackson leaving as well, he quickly called out to him, “Jackson, please give this to Lily for me.”

He reached his hand out through the fence and was holding a small box in his hand.

Jackson hesitated for a while before going over to take it.

“Thank you.” Fabian thanked him and looked at Lillian’s back as she walked away before turning around.

Even though Jackson was still young, he could see the sadness and disappointment in Fabian when he turned around to leave.

He looked at the box in his hand and sprinted to Lillian.

“Lily, Lily,” he called out to Lillian gently and handed the box over. “The guy from just now told me to give you this. He said it’s for you.”

Lillian furrowed her adorable little eyebrows and shook her head like she was resisting it.

“Do you not want it?” Jackson asked to confirm.

Lillian still shook her head after she heard that. She was a little down.

“If you don’t want it, I’ll give it back to him now,” Jackson said before running to the entrance of the kindergarten.

However, the gates were closed now and the guard at the gates would never let a child go out alone.

However, Jackson did not want to owe Fabian this. He thought about it and an idea flashed across his head.