Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1447

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1447 – Hearing this, Madeline found it ridiculous and was emotionally exhausted.

“How many times are you going to play such tricks? Do you think you’ll be happy if you get me to reluctantly accompany you?” she asked. She had a feeling that this man seemed to be obsessed with this.

Sure enough, Ryan’s answer was within Madeline’s expectation.

He looked at her, his gaze under the moonlight very stubborn and firm.

“Yes, I’ll tell myself that I’m very happy. I don’t have much time, so this will be the last dream and luxury of my life.”

Judging from what Ryan said, he was insisting on being stubborn.

‘So, the only way out is to play this game with him?’

Madeline pondered for a moment and realized she had no other choice.

“Ryan, you have to keep your promise. If I win, you’ll let me go back.”

“You won’t.” Ryan smiled.

Madeline’s attitude was more confident than his when she saw that he had his card up his sleeve. “Then tell me, what kind of game is it?”

“It’s too late now. Let’s just go to bed. I’ll tell you the rules of the game tomorrow morning.” Ryan released Madeline’s arm. “However, the precondition of the game is that you must stay with me tonight.”

He glanced at Madeline deeply. Then, he turned around in front of her after speaking.

Madeline turned the wedding ring on her ring finger as she calmly followed behind Ryan.

After returning to the bedroom, she saw Ryan lying down in his original spot.

Madeline walked to the other side. She tried to keep her distance as best as she could from Ryan by lying on her side on the edge of the bed.

Madeline stared quietly at the ring on her finger under the moonlight.

‘Jeremy, I’ll return to your side soon. You mustn’t be fooled and you have to protect our children.’

The night ended and morning came.

Jeremy spent the whole night in the study and missed Madeline very much while he was in there.

However, when he had the urge to hold Madeline to sleep, he would stop when he was at the door of the room.

He obviously missed her, but he did not want to get close to her.

Such contradictory thoughts puzzled Jeremy.

He did not go back to the bedroom and went downstairs after washing up.

It was early, but Jeremy saw that Jackson and Lillian were already sitting obediently in the dining room for breakfast.

He recalled what his son said to him last night. As such, Jeremy waited for the two children to finish their breakfast before sending them to the kindergarten himself.

In the car, Jeremy glanced at his son who was sitting in the backseat from time to time.

When he was waiting at the red light, he wanted to say something when his son’s childish doubts were voiced out from the back. “Dad, why do you keep looking at me? Do you have anything to ask me?”

He did not expect his son to be so observant, so Jeremy did not beat around the bush. “Jack, do you think your mother is a little different than usual?”

Jackson heard the words and thought for a few seconds before nodding sadly. “Mommy doesn’t seem to like me anymore.”

“Silly boy, why are you thinking nonsense again? How could your mother not like you?” Jeremy dispelled his son’s worries.

He could see how Madeline cared about Jackson.

Jackson was their first child and a treasure that was lost and recovered. How could they not love this son?

“But when I was making the cake yesterday and you went out to answer the phone, Mommy really glared at me,” Jackson emphasized what happened at the time.

Jeremy watched the green light turn on and suddenly grabbed the steering wheel absently. “Mommy glared at you? Did you do something wrong? Do you think Mommy was just mad at you on purpose?”