Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1443

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1443 – Jeremy took big footsteps and headed to Eloise who was shouting loudly. His face wore a serious yet surprised expression. “Mom, you finally got the strength to talk?”

However, it was as if Eloise did not hear Jeremy talking to her. She continued shrieking, “Eveline, I want Eveline!”

The woman quickly comforted Eloise, afraid that Jeremy might get suspicious. There was a worried and anxious look on her face. “Mom, Eveline is right here. I’m your Eveline.”

Eloise raised her head and looked at the woman for some time, then suddenly shoved the woman’s hand away with a disgusted look. “You’re not Eveline! You’re not my Eveline!”

“…” The woman’s body trembled, her expression changing for the worse.

She had just started launching the first step of her plan, but she did not expect it to end as a failure that fast.

The woman wanted to seek an excuse saying that it was because of Eloise’s illness, but from her peripheral vision, she saw Jeremy’s outline inching closer to her.

“Mom, don’t get so worked up. Be careful of your wound.” Jeremy comforted Elosie, who was agitated, with a soft voice. “This is the real Eveline. Look carefully, she’s your precious daughter, Eveline Montgomery. She’s always by your side. Take a closer look.”

Hearing his comment made the woman put on a fake smile again. “Mom, I really am Madeline. Why do you still fail to recognize me after so long? I’m really sad.”

As she was saying, she saw Eloise glancing at her with a critical gaze. The woman tried her best to force out some tears, acting like she was really upset and sobbing.

“No, this is not my Eveline.” Eloise continued denying. As she said, she started lifting the blanket, wanting to get down from the bed. “I want my Eveline. I want to go look for my Eveline!”

Jeremy quickly stopped her. “Mom, calm down. Yes, she’s not your Eveline. I’ll help you go find Eveline. You’d better take more rest and don’t move around rashly. Careful, or you’ll open up your wound.”

“No, I want to go find her myself! You all can’t recognize Eveline. I’m the only one who can recognize her!” Eloise was anxious. She pushed Jeremy aside and wanted to leave.

Just when Jeremy was at his wit’s end on how to stop Eloise, Sean came back.

Seeing that Eloise was making havoc and wanting to look for their daughter, Sean quickly rushed over. He grabbed Eloise’s shoulders and comforted her gently. “Don’t get agitated, Eloise. I’ll bring you to go find our daughter, Eveline.”

Sean showing up calmed Eloise, but her expression was still unpleasant. Like a little kid, she pointed at the woman and pouted. “She really isn’t Eveline. Sean, let’s go look for Eveline.”

“Alright, we’ll go look for Eveline but not now. Look, the sky is already so dark. Eveline has already gone to bed. We should be sleeping as well. Wait till it’s daytime and I’ll bring you out to look for Eveline, okay?” Sean comforted her patiently. He then turned around and looked at Jeremy. “Jeremy, you and Eveline should head back to your bedroom. I’ll take care of Eloise.”

Jeremy nodded slightly. He thought that it would be inappropriate to stay here any longer as well.

“Linnie, let’s go back to our room.”

The woman was feeling utterly dissatisfied, but she still smiled.

“Dad, then Jeremy and I will be heading back to our room. Mom’s emotions are unstable, so you should accompany her more.”

“I’ll take care of your mother. Don’t worry and go to bed.” Sean made his promise. He was not the slightest bit suspicious of the woman before him.

The woman was rather satisfied with that fact. At least her impersonation was perfect.

No one could make out that she was a fake.

As for Eloise, she was not bothered by her since she was a crazy woman with a crazy mind and would blurt out crazy comments.

Besides, with Sean’s return, it was the perfect timing for her to have the chance to continue pestering Jeremy.

Looking at the huge outline walking in front of her made the woman’s eyes gleam with greediness.

After entering the room, the first thing she did was take off her coat. When she spun around and wanted to get close to Jeremy, she saw him walking to the door of the room.

“Linnie, I really have an urgent issue with my work that I need to get done. You go ahead and sleep.”


The woman was dumbfounded. Before she could even stop him with a coquettish manner, Jeremy had already left the room.

As she did not want to be too impatient, the woman had no choice but to lay down on the bed alone.

The smell of the man’s clear and elegant breath on the bed made her fantasize about being intimate with Jeremy.

Not many women could resist such a perfect man.

As for Jeremy, he went to the study and sat in front of the computer quietly as he daydreamed.