Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1436

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1436 – However, with each step she took, she felt her vision spinning even harder. She saw that there was a sink ahead. She thought of drenching herself with some water to make herself awake. Nevertheless, before reaching the sink, all her strength was drained from her body.

Suddenly, Madeline just dropped to the ground. “Jeremy…”

She muttered as her eyelids drooped down heavily. In the end, she just saw that face that looked similar to hers, revealing an evil smile…

As soon as Jeremy was done with work, he immediately headed back to Whitman Manor. Once he entered the house, he saw the three kids gathering together and playing around. Karen was accompanying Eloise by her side and was looking for topics to talk to her about from time to time.

Even though Eloise seemed like she did not understand, at least the atmosphere was not as depressing.

However, what bothered him most was that he did not see Madeline around.

Jeremy placed the dessert that he just bought in front of the three kids. Jackson blinked his pretty pair of big eyes when he saw Jeremy giving them the cake.

“Daddy bought cake, but Mommy says she’ll be making a cake in a while for me, Pudding, and Lillian to eat.”

“Mommy has gone out?” Jeremy asked curiously.

“Eveline said she went to buy some ingredients to make a cake. She has been out for almost half an hour. I think she’ll be back soon,” Karen explained.

Jeremy nodded and kept the cake that he bought.

“Then, we’ll make the cake together with her and eat it together. How does that sound?” Jeremy suggested. Deep in his heart, he wanted to do something with the children that was interactive and warm, especially with Lillian.

He looked at the little princess who was blinking her eyes in a daze. “Lillian, let’s make a cake together, okay?”

Lillian blinked her big pair of crystal clear eyes that looked almost like Madeline’s and nodded obediently. “Daddy.”

The little princess moved her little mouth and finally blurted that word.

Jeremy felt his heart as soft as a cotton candy. He carried the little princess and kissed her cute little face.

Ever since Lillian was traumatized by Lana, she never once spoke a complete sentence.

After so much effort, the little cutie could only blurt the word ‘Daddy’.

“Lillian, you’ll recover. I’ll make sure you’ll be like how you used to be.” Jeremy faced Lillian and made a promise.

It was as if Lillian understood it. She lifted her sweet dimples and smiled.

Jeremy wanted to carry the little princess but suddenly felt his pants being pulled. He looked down and saw the youngest Pudding crawling on the mat while pulling Jeremy’s pants with all his might.

Jeremy had no choice but to put Lillian down and bend down to carry Pudding.

“Pa… Pa…” With much effort, Pudding blurted out those two words which did not sound clear enough. However, Jeremy was utterly joyous to hear it.

“Pudding, wait till Mommy is back and we’ll make the cake and eat it together, okay?” Jeremy looked at the fair little face and coaxed. He looked at the time, took out his phone, and was about to call Madeline. As soon as he unlocked the password on his phone, he heard footsteps at the entrance.

“Jeremy, I’m back.”