Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1433

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1433 – Feeling the pang of a guilty conscience, he grasped onto the bill in his hand, not wanting to let Madeline know about his thoughts.

However, it was impossible that Madeline missed the gleam of avoidance in his eyes.

“Let me see that.” Madeline did not ask anything and immediately stretched out her hand to Jeremy.

Jeremy dared not disobey Madeline and obediently handed over the bill of appointment that had just been issued.

Madeline took it over and lowered her gaze to have a look. The moment she saw the contents of the appointment, her eyes glittered in astonishment and surprise.

She raised her gorgeous eyes and looked at the man who was composed. “Jeremy, you…”

“Linnie, I’ve made up my mind.” Jeremy held onto Madeline’s hand. “This will be the best for us. You won’t object to it, right?”

“How can I object to it when you’re thinking this much for me?” Madeline let out a faint smile. “Jeremy, I hope in the future, the days will be sweeter. I just hope you’ll be with me and accompany the kids as they grow up.”

Jeremy curled his lips when he heard her. Ignoring the passersby, he leaned forth and hugged Madeline, then kissed her on her cheek. “I’m sure it’ll be just as you wish. We’ll have sweet and happy days as a family.”

“Yeah.” Madeline felt a sense of sweetness within her, feeling very satisfied.

“Then, I’ll head over to the outpatient department to ask for more details. You should head back and take care of your mom.” Jeremy released his hand.

Madeline did not notice that Jeremy was trying to get rid of her. She nodded, spun around, and walked to the elevator.

After Jeremy saw Madeline entering the elevator, he gave Adam a call.

Adam answered the call quickly and asked straightforwardly, “I knew you’d call. With your observation skills, it’s impossible that you didn’t notice the changes in my expression. So, Eveline is not beside you right now, correct?”

Jeremy looked in the direction of the elevator and said, “Eveline’s not with me. Please proceed. Did something happen to my body?”

“The poison has shown signs of deterioration. For the time being, it won’t endanger your life, but in the long run, it might be troublesome.” Adam had no intention of hiding the fact and blurted everything honestly.

Hearing the words made Jeremy keep quiet for a moment. Then, he heard Adam asking, “How did you come to know about Shirley?”

Jeremy frowned. “Shirley? Are you referring to Shirley Brown?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“This happened almost eight to nine months ago. That time, I decided to leave Glendale to prevent Linnie from worrying about me. I bumped into Shirley when I was on the plane. That time, I suddenly didn’t feel well. She said she’s a doctor, so aside from helping me relieve my condition, she also told me she could help me out.”

“She’s not trying to help you.” Adam’s tone sounded almost helpless.

“I’ve already seen through it. She’s trying to plot something by getting near me. Two days ago, my condition deteriorated because of her.” Jeremy was aware of it, but he was puzzled. “Is she really your biological older sister? Do you know what she’s trying to do?”

“She’s my biological older sister, but…” Adam sighed helplessly. “As I said before, I have secrets I can’t reveal. The fact that I joined forces with Lana and Ryan is because of some reasons that I can’t say.”

Jeremy could sense the troubling position Adam was in. He had no intention of pestering Adam either but he needed to know the condition of his body.

“Now that the poison in my body is showing signs of deterioration, what will happen later on? I don’t want it to suddenly deteriorate and frighten Linnie. I don’t want to make her worried about me.”

Even though Jeremy had put it that way, Adam could only helplessly provide Jeremy an answer that made him frustrated.

“I’m afraid that it’ll be worse than before.”

Jeremy hung up the call. Thinking back to that day his condition worsened and the anxious look on Madeline’s face, it made him heartbroken.

That was also one reason he decided to leave for good back then. He did not wish to see her suffering because of him.

However, this time, he would not be such a fool anymore.

Even if he was to be tortured to d***h, he would still want to be d**d by her side.