Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1432

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1432 – ”Adam, just ignore this guy. Let’s head back into the house.” Amy walked to Adam’s side and held onto his arm tightly.

Adam did not intend to continue with the situation and nodded as he spun around while holding onto Amy’s hand to leave.


Felipe shouted at Amy’s back when she turned around.

Amy came to a halt when she heard it.

Felipe was delighted. “Cathy.”

He was looking forward to it but he saw Amy looking irritated instead when she turned her face around. “What is wrong with you? I’ve already said plenty of times that I’m not Cathy. Can you please stop bugging me? You’re really irritating!”

She did not tolerate any disturbance and reprimanded Felipe. Then, she held onto Adam’s arm and spun around.

The look of anticipation in Felipe’s eyes was gone, and it was as if his heart was being shattered into pieces.

She claimed that he was very irritating.

However, she used to tell him that she would always like him and would pester him for life—even if he only treated her as a plaything.

There was a breeze blowing past him, making Felipe feel chills engulfing his entire body.

However, what could he blame her for?

What right did he have to put the blame on others?

Currently, he should be feeling grateful that she was still alive.

This Amy was his Cathy.

Even though he still could not accept the fact, the feeling and change in breathing he experienced when they were close to each other were by no means a mistake.


‘Did you intentionally forget the past or you just can’t recall it?’

In the hospital.

Madeline had already planned to visit Eloise after Jeremy was done with his check-up.

It was just that after receiving Karen’s call, it made her feel more worried.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Madeline noticed that no one was in the ward. She called Karen only to find out that Eloise had lost consciousness and was sent to the emergency department.

She and Jeremy immediately rushed over to the entrance of the emergency department. Coincidentally, the door of the emergency room flung open at this moment and the doctor stepped out from within.

Sean and Karen quickly went forth to enquire about Eloise’s condition.

The young doctor adjusted his spectacles and comforted them in a gentle tone. “The patient’s blood pressure suddenly dropped, which caused her to enter a comatose state. For the time being, we can’t find the reason behind it. We’re speculating that it could be because of low blood sugar. She’s currently awake, so you guys can rest assured.”

Madeline and Jeremy let out a breath of relief after hearing what the doctor had to say.

As for Sean and Karen, they just realized that Jeremy and Madeline had arrived. Sean jogged to Madeline, saying, “Eveline, you’ve arrived. Don’t worry, your mom’s fine.”

Madeline smiled faintly and looked at both Sean and Karen. “Dad, Mom, you guys have been having it rough for the past few days. I’ll take over from now and take care of Mom.”

“We’re one family. There’s no such thing as having it rough. How about you and Jeremy? Why did you guys come back so fast? Why don’t you have fun for a few more days?” Karen got curious and asked casually.

Madeline found an excuse to prevent them from worrying about Jeremy’s condition, but Jeremy beat her to it and spoke first, “Eveline’s worried about her mother’s condition. So, we came back earlier than planned.”

Madeline raised her eyes to look at the man, and they smiled at each other.

After returning to the ward, Madeline stayed beside Eloise’s bed and took care of her. Eloise was still unable to speak, hence she could only stare at Madeline.

Jeremy was observing from the side and suddenly thought of something.

He blurted an excuse to leave the ward, then came to the hall downstairs and booked an appointment at the outpatient department for a check-up for himself.

When he was about to leave, he spun around and saw Madeline standing behind him.