Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1425

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1425 – Madeline was stunned for a moment as she glanced at the bathroom where the glass door was tightly shut.

“It’ll be over soon, Jeremy. Just hold on a little longer.

“You can unleash the pain just like you used to before.

“I’m your doctor but I’m also your friend. I can help you, ah…”

Madeline heard Shirley’s voice sound non-stop from the bathroom until her last amorous whisper. Then, the bathroom turned silent.

The staff glanced at the bathroom weirdly before turning to Madeline to speak.

“I’ve already brought all the ice to the bathroom, Mrs. Whitman. I’ll be leaving then if there isn’t anything else you need.”

Madeline snapped back to reality. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The staff gave a small smile and left.

Madeline dragged Shirley’s luggage over to the bathroom and reached out to open the door only to realize that the glass door was locked from the inside.

“I brought your luggage over, Shirley. How’s Jeremy doing?” Madeline asked while facing the bathroom door but received no reply.

“Shirley? Shirley? Jeremy! Jeremy!” Madeline was growing frantic. She could not bear radio silence at such a time.

Knock, knock, knock. Madeline raised her hand to knock on the glass door repetitively, her knuckles starting to grow red before she knew it.

“Jeremy!” Madeline was getting distraught and could no longer keep calm.

She was about to knock down the bathroom door when it finally opened.

Shirley was drenched and her clothes looked disheveled when she appeared in Madeline’s line of sight.

Madeline was taken aback, but her heart was more interested in how Jeremy was doing. “Where’s Jeremy, Shirley? How is he?”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Whitman. I won’t let anything happen to Jeremy.” Shirley smiled softly. “I need to get something from my luggage. You can go in and take a look at him. I’m sure he’ll feel much better with you by his side.”

Madeline immediately strolled into the bathroom. Walking in, she saw Jeremy’s sharp brows furrowed and his eyes closed as he soaked in the large round bathtub. The shower above his head continued to spray water onto him as dense water droplets fell over his entire body.

Madeline had no idea when Jeremy took his top off, but the setting sun was splashed over his n***d upper half from the floor-to-ceiling windows. His flawless skin was glowing white.

Madeline was not in the mindset to focus on such detail now. She quickly ran toward Jeremy. “How are you feeling, Jeremy?”

She reached out to cup the man’s fair cheek only to be shocked by how cold it was upon contact.


Madeline leaned over to place her cheek against his, trying to warm him up.

However, Jeremy’s entire body was cold as if he was some sort of cold-blooded animal. There was not an ounce of warmth in the man’s skin.

The thought that Jeremy had gone through such a situation so many times without her knowing brought heat to Madeline’s eyes.

Adam said that he was not the person who invented the slow-acting poison. Rather, he was tasked to invent its antidote.

Lana was the one who gave Jeremy the poison back then and Adam indeed had connections with her. However, now that she looked back on things, perhaps that was never the case at all.

Madeline grew more confused the more she tried to think about it. She came up with no leads regarding the poison.

All she wanted now was for Jeremy to get better so that the same situation would not happen again.


Madeline leaned against the man helplessly as her heart ached for him. Just then, she felt a familiar palm gently touching the side of her face.

Her misty eyes shot open and were met with Jeremy’s gentle peach blossom eyes.


“I’m sorry I made you worry, Linnie. I’m alright.”

His deep baritone voice drifted into her ears, but the man’s tone sounded especially weak.

“Are you really alright?” Madeline was still worried. “Why is your body temperature so low? It didn’t use to be like this.”