Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1409

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1409 – As much as Jeremy’s confession was expected, it was still surprisingly sweet when it got to her ears.

Madeline pursed her lips and smiled, meeting the man’s deepening gaze.

“Me too. I’ve wanted to be with you forever since the day I met you. To the end of the world, wherever you go, I’ll come with you.”

Hearing this, Jeremy’s eyes were soft as the look in them grew more tender. “I’m sorry you had to wait so long for this day, Linnie.”

“If the wait leads me to you, then it’ll be worth it.”

With Madeline’s words, Jeremy placed an unrestrained k**s on her lips, pouring in all the emotions he had suppressed in his heart.

“Linnie, how about we have another baby?”

“Can you even afford to raise so many kids, Mr. Whitman?”

“What do you say?” the man asked with a low chuckle but then made a serious promise. “I don’t want you to suffer anymore, Linnie. I’m very content with Jack, Lillian, and Pudding. Though most importantly, I have you.”

The man said tenderly, and Madeline’s reply fell into a small murmur in the end.

The evening breeze caused the candlelights on the table to flicker, and the two tender shadows were reflected on the wall. Their love would continue to prosper…


As usual, Karen brought soup to the hospital and took care of Eloise. As soon as she entered the ward, she saw Sean struggling to stay awake due to his exhaustion.

She walked to the bed and urged Sean to go home. “You haven’t had a good rest for so many nights now, Sean. Go back and sleep. I’ll take care of Eloise.”

Sean did feel a little tired, but he did not have it in him to leave Ellie alone.

Eloise was not clear-headed now and she had no idea who anyone was but him. He was afraid that Eloise would feel scared if he left.

He hesitated when he suddenly heard Eloise speak, “Go home. Rest.”

Although it had taken some effort for Eloise to speak, those three words were still clearly pronounced.

Karen and Sean were elated now that Eloise could speak a few more words. Sean felt a large weight lifting from his shoulders. “Then, I shall go back to rest, Ellie. I’ll come back later.”

Eloise looked at Sean and nodded gently.

After Sean left, Karen then picked up the bowl of soup and sat by the bed to feed Eloise.

“You’re getting better day by day, Eloise. I’m sure you’ll be able to get out of bed by the time Eveline comes back from vacation.” Karen blew on the steaming soup and then brought it to Eloise’s mouth, her actions all done with familiarity now. “It’s hot.”

Eloise blinked and looked at Karen as if there was something she wanted to say. However, she only frowned and listened to Karen instead because that was all she could do.

“I was truly ridiculous at the beginning, wasn’t I? I don’t know where the sense of superiority came from but I looked down on Eveline even when my heart longed for the Whitman and Montgomery family to be wedded. When it turned out that Eveline is the Montgomeries’ precious daughter, oh how the whiplash I gave myself had hurt.”

Karen scoffed self-deprecatingly, her eyes no longer holding that haughty and contemptuous color.

“To be honest, Eveline really is a rare and great child. I blame myself for being deceived by that Meredith Crawford. Otherwise, Eveline wouldn’t have had to suffer so many grievances.”

The words seemed to have resonated with Eloise for Karen saw regret and annoyance tinting the other woman’s eyes.

Elosie hated Meredith as well, perhaps even more than Karen herself.

Karen was also surprised. ‘Does Eloise remember who Meredith Crawford is?’

While they were deep in thought, two middle-aged women donned in gold and silver suddenly appeared by the door.

“Oh, I heard that Mrs. Montgomery is still alive. I thought they were joking, but I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“So the claim that Mrs. Montgomery is p*******d and stupid is true, then?”

The two women completed each other’s sentences with such ominous words as they rolled their eyes at Eloise, their faces filled with arrogance.