Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1402

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1402 – She had only one thought and it was to save Madeline.

Madeline did not expect Eloise’s strength to grow so exponentially either in order to save ‘her’.

She ended up staggering two steps backward before she knocked into the bookshelf beside her.

The bookshelf swayed twice as if it was about to fall.

Knocking into it hurt slightly, but Madeline did not have the time to worry about herself as she saw Eloise already stepping into the fire.

“Mom!” she exclaimed and ran over to embrace Eloise as tears fell freely from her burning eyes.

“Look at me, Mom. I really am your Eveline!” Madeline hugged Eloise and stressed the words.

“My Eveline…” Eloise was stunned for two seconds as she stared blankly at Madeline’s face. Her eyes were filled with doubt and question. “No, you’re not. Eveline would never talk to me. She hates me. You’re not… Cough cough, you’re not…”

Madeline tightened her arms around Eloise. “Eveline stopped hating you a long time ago, Mom. I know you didn’t hurt me on purpose. Eveline doesn’t blame you anymore.”

“Eveline doesn’t blame me anymore?” Madeline’s words seemed to have gotten through to Eloise who raised her hand to touch Madeline’s teary cheeks. Her delicate brows became furrowed. “Do you truly not blame me anymore, Eveline?”

Madeline nodded and squeezed Eloise’s hand. “Truly. Eveline doesn’t blame her mother. Eveline loves her mother. Cough cough.”

Eloise seemed to have understood Madeline and gave a relieved smile. “Will you come home with me then, Eveline?”

“Yeah! I’ll go home with Mom! Our family won’t be separated anymore!”

“Okay.” A loving smile broke on Eloise’s face. She raised her hand to caress Madeline’s head, but a look of h****r suddenly tinted her kind gaze.

Madeline had no idea what was going on, but she saw Eloise suddenly rush behind her.

The swaying bookshelf lost its center of gravity and fell with a bang, crushing Eloise, who had run over to protect Madeline, to the ground.

It then dawned on Madeline that Eloise had suddenly run behind her to protect her.

“Mom!” Madeline screamed and hurried over to Eloise.

“Mom, cough cough…” Feeling unwell, Madeline fell into another coughing fit. The pile of garbage around the room had given the thick smoke an abnormal smell that attacked her nose.

“Linnie! Can you hear me, Linnie?” Jeremy’s anxious tone crept closer.

“Jeremy…” Madeline tried to shout back in response but something seemed to be stuck in her throat. It threw all her efforts to waste.

Her vision began to blur and even breathing became more difficult.

“Linnie! Linnie!” Madeline heard Jeremy shouting heart-wrenchingly before her senses were overwhelmed by the scorching high temperature that enveloped her.

Amidst the confusion, she thought she felt a cool gust of air blow over her. It was accompanied by a scent and a familiar sense of security that slowly calmed her inner anxiety and fear.

“Jeremy…” Madeline murmured, seeing Jeremy’s face appearing vaguely in her blurred vision before everything in front of her eyes turned black.

She began to have nightmares about Eloise still crushed under the bookshelf and covered in blood.

She kept screaming ‘Mom, Mom’ but Eloise never woke up.

“Linnie. Linnie, are you awake?”

The man’s magnetic, gentle baritone voice drifted into her ears and Madeline’s eyes shot open. When she sat up, her eyes were filled with confusion. “Mom! Jeremy!”