Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1394

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1394 – “No, you’re not Cathy.” Felipe could not be more certain as he stared at the woman’s features.

The woman exhaled with an exasperated smile and was about to say something when a man’s gentle voice called out to her. “Amy.”

The woman broke into a smile at the voice and turned to look in the direction it came from while she held the little boy in her arms.

“Dad’s here, Juan. Let’s go home.”

“Okay.” The little boy nodded obediently and greeted lovingly in the direction of the man who was a slight distance away, “Daddy.”

Felipe felt his chest chill as he turned to look at where the other man was. Entering his line of vision was a rather familiar face.

While he had not been in any direct contact with Adam, Felipe knew that it was the other with one glance.

Adam seemed shocked to see Felipe as well. The man pondered outwardly for a moment before he strode over to Felipe.

“Felipe Whitman, Jeremy’s uncle?” Adam asked.

Felipe glanced at Adam before his gaze fell back on the woman who stood next to Adam.

Adam took in his behavior and gave a polite smile as he introduced, “This is my fiancée, Amy.”

“Fiancée.” Felipe rolled the word around his tongue and felt his heart burning as if thousands of ants were gnawing at it.

“We met when we were studying but never got married because of how busy we were with work. We even have children together but somehow not the time to hold an actual wedding ceremony,” Adam explained as he took the child from the woman’s arms. “This is Mr. Whitman, one of my friend’s uncles, Amy.”

Amy gave a slight nod and turned to smile at Felipe.

“Hello, Mr. Whitman, I’m Amy. You kept calling me Cathy just now. Do I perhaps look like her?”

Adam was shocked. “Cathy?”

Felipe’s eyes remained pinned on the delicate facial features of the flawlessly beautiful woman in front of him.

“Not just alike. You two look exactly the same.”

“…” Stunned, the woman then broke into a pure and surprised smile. “It never crossed my mind that there’d be someone who looks just like me. I’d love to meet her.”

Felipe felt his heart getting stabbed and shredded at the sight of the bright smile before his eyes.

He looked down and scoffed self-deprecatingly.

“She’s already d**d, the girl who looks just like you.”


That took both Adam and the woman aback.

Felipe chuckled despondently when he saw the woman’s legitimately shocked expression. “If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go take a look at what happened to Jeremy.”

“Jeremy got admitted to the hospital?” Adam asked in surprise, “What happened? Did the slow-acting poison relapse?”

Felipe shook his head. “I have no idea. Do you want to come take a look yourself?”

“Yeah.” Adam did not hesitate before replying and handed the child back to the woman. “I’m going to go check on my friend, Amy. Wait for me in the car, hmm?”

“Your friend is my friend, Adam. I’ll come with you,” the woman suggested.

Adam did not think much of it and agreed. “Let’s go, then.”

“Hmm.” The woman nodded and turned to Felipe who was still staring at her. “Lead the way, Mr. Whitman.”

Felipe gave a slight tilt of the head and finally averted his deep gaze from the woman’s face.

In the elevator, Adam realized that Felipe’s gaze remained trained on the woman’s face. He was confused but did not ask about it.

Only after a while of persuasion did Jeremy finally manage to have Madeline leave the ward to sign his discharge papers.

He was well aware of his condition. It was merely a surface wound.

Seeing Madeline walking toward the door reluctantly, Jeremy smiled and was about to tease her when she suddenly froze in place by the door of the ward.

Worry began to creep up Jeremy’s handsome features. “Linnie? Linnie, what’s wrong?”