Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1386

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1386 – “The woman’s voice that I heard on the phone that night was the same as Cathy’s, and now Adam appears next to this woman. What is the relationship between them? If it is Cathy, why is she with Adam?”

Her heartbeat sped up a bit and she could not wait to see the face of this young woman.

At this time, the light turned green. Madeline and Jeremy quickened their pace and walked over, but coincidentally, Adam took the woman and two children into a car nearby.

It was too late when the two of them caught up.

However, it was also because of this that Madeline felt even more suspicious.

This woman with Adam was very likely to be Cathy.

Although Madeline did not know what Cathy experienced afterward, it would be exceedingly fortunate as long as she was still alive.

After returning to Whitman Manor, Madeline and Jeremy did not tell Felipe about the incident. They were worried about giving Felipe false hope before they were certain.

After knowing that Jackson and Lillian were doing their homework in the room at this moment, Madeline hid the bouquet of baby’s breath behind her back and walked into the room.

“Jack, Lily.”

Jackson and Lillian paused at the same time when they heard that. They raised their eyes to see that Madeline was coming and then the children blinked as if they were in a daze. It was because Madeline was always not home a while ago, and when she finally came back, she was very cold with them. Her indifferent and unfamiliar attitude toward the siblings before had puzzled them.

Madeline knew that she had neglected the children when she was not right in the head. She showed a loving and gentle smile while reaching out to the two children. “Jack, Lily, what’s the matter? Don’t you remember your mother?”

Jackson and Lillian returned to their senses. The two of them put down the pens in their hands and ran toward Madeline at the same time with their short and chubby legs.

“Mommy!” Jackson hugged Madeline’s beautiful legs before raising his clear and big eyes at her. “Mom, do you recognize me now?”

“I’m sorry, Jack. Mommy was sick before and didn’t mean to ignore you.” Madeline stroked the little guy’s cheek. Seeing Lillian smiling and silently watching her, she handed the bouquet to her. “Lily, this is for you.”

The little girl stretched out her hand to take Madeline’s bouquet. She wanted to thank her, but it seemed that something got stuck in her throat. The only word she could say now was ‘Daddy’.

Madeline squatted and pulled the two children into her arms while feeling heartbroken.

“Jack, Lily, don’t be mad at me. I’ll never be apart from you again.”

Her gentle promise and the sense of steadfastness while holding her children warmed up her heart.

When Felipe passed by the door of the room, he happened to see this scene. He could not help but think of the past few years after looking at Lillian’s cute little face.

This child had called him her daddy for three years.

Now, however, she could only say the word ‘Daddy’.

Although he had no affection nor romantic feelings for Madeline anymore, Felipe still had deep feelings for Lillian.

However, he did not want this child to misunderstand that he was her father.

At the same time, Jeremy came upstairs and saw Felipe standing at the door of the room watching the heartwarming scene inside. Then, he suddenly thought of the scene he had seen on the street with Madeline not long ago.

If that woman was really Cathy, then who was the father of those two children? Was it Adam?

He was silently pondering when Felipe turned around.

The nephew and uncle looked at each other while smiling slightly.

“I plan to try my luck at the place from before,” Felipe said. Jeremy knew where he was talking about.

Jeremy had the urge to tell Felipe what he had encountered on the side of the road today, but he stopped himself and just nodded lightly.

Felipe came to that street again. He was looking around aimlessly on the street bathed in the golden rays of the setting sun. He was trying to see the face he had been thinking about day and night.

In front of him, a woman holding a bouquet of yellow roses and her boyfriend walked past intimately. Felipe could not help but lose his spirit while looking at the bunch of yellow roses.

Yellow rose.

It represented true love and waiting. It represented waiting for the love that belonged to you.

‘Cathy, are you waiting for me?

‘But how could it be possible that you’re still waiting for me?’

Felipe’s vision seemed to go blurry all of a sudden. He just wanted to suppress the painful emotions back inside, but suddenly, the face that he yearned day and night for appeared on the road opposite him!

The woman’s delicate face and sweet smile suddenly blossomed in his eyes.

Suddenly, Felipe’s heartbeat accelerated wildly. “Cathy?”