Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 138

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 138 – Due to the effects of the tranquilizer, Madeline did not know long she was unconscious for.

When she finally regained consciousness, she felt numbness in her arm. Then, she felt a stinging pain in her eyes.

She opened her eyes slowly and noticed that her vision was blurry. It was even near to complete darkness.

Was it nighttime?

When she remembered what Meredith said before knocking her unconscious, Madeline sat up quickly and ignored her wounds. Madeline felt about the floor frantically in the darkness.


Her child’s photo!

Madeline started searching in the dark. However, she did not see anything nor feel anything.

She took out her phone from her pocket and pressed the screen hurriedly. However, the screen would not light up. Did it run out of battery?

As she contemplated that, she felt something that felt like a card with her fingertips. She was sure that it was the photo Meredith had thrown at her before she passed out.

Madeline picked it up happily. She put it in front of her eyes but saw nothing.

She supported her shaky body as she stood up. She wanted to find a source of light, but everything in front of her was dark and blurry. Plus, her eyes were also hurting.

She found the exit using the help of the wall. She could vaguely see some light from the corner of her eyes.

Madeline tried to open her eyes to look at the photo in her hand, but she felt a debilitating pain all of a sudden.

She recalled Meredith’s sinister voice and soon felt her body going cold. She lifted her trembling hand in disbelief and touched her eyes.

She lifted her hand in front of her eyes but could only see a blurry silhouette. The clarity she used to have was completely gone.

She was blind!

Madeline was in disbelief. She stumbled out and ran into a group of people.

They saw the dried blood and dazed look on Madeline’s face. They immediately sent Madeline to the hospital out of kindness.

After looking at her, the doctor looked at the report with a frown on his face. “Miss Crawford, you’ve lost your left cornea and your right cornea is badly wounded. You’re on the verge of complete blindness. If you want to regain your eyesight, you’ll need a cornea transplant and a pair of complete corneas to do that.”

The doctor’s answer was like a bolt of lightning striking down on Madeline’s body. She stood her ground in a dazed state. She finally found her breathing as her heart resumed beating after a long while.

“Thank you, doctor.” She thanked the doctor in a soft voice. After she thanked him, she depended on her remaining vision to stumble back to her room.

She fumbled about her bedside table and turned on the light.

She took out her photo with trembling fingers. After she caressed the photo with her fair and thin fingers, she held the photo and curled up in bed with a broken heart.

Tears escaped her eyes, and she felt a burning sensation in them.

Madeline lifted her head to look at the ceiling. Aside from the blurry rays of light, she could not see anything.

She would be completely blind soon.

In order to protect Meredith, the man allowed her to hire someone to steal her corneas.

Although she was going to d*e soon, they would not even allow her to d*e with all of her organs intact.

It started drizzling. After Madeline stayed in bed for one whole day, she brought the b****y earring to the police station.

She was lying to Meredith when she said she had handed it to the police that day. She did not have the chance to report her that day, but now, it was happening. She was going to report Meredith for Brittany’s m****r.

The officers in the station welcomed Madeline and took the evidence. At the same time, they also took Madeline’s statement.

She picked up the pen, and using her remaining vision, she signed her name on the statement.