Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1379

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1379 – Ryan took the letter in his hand and his eyes scanned the familiar handwriting. Each and every word was reflected in his eyes clearly.


Ryan’s breathing started to become erratic.

He grabbed the old letter and read the words on it again. However, no matter how he read it, those words would not change.

“No, Grandpa wouldn’t do something like that…”

Ryan could not accept this. His pale and dried lips started mumbling repeatedly. His gray eyes were also filled with endless loss.

“Ryan, I know it’s hard for you to accept this but it’s the truth,” Jeremy parted his lips and emphasized calmly.

“Impossible!” Ryan used all of his strength to roar out that word. In the next second, he clutched at his heart with a pained expression.

Jeremy could see the changes in the data on the equipment and he knew Ryan must have been triggered. However, he did not feel sorry for him.

In his mind, Ryan was only like this today because he brought this upon himself.

Being able to wake up was already a huge blessing for him.

Despite this, Jeremy still called the doctor over for Ryan.

However, the moment the door opened, a huge crowd of journalists appeared out of nowhere and were fighting to know the situation inside the room.

When Mr. and Mrs. Jones saw the doctor rushing over with a solemn expression, they started to panic.

“Did something happen to Rye? Something must have happened to him!” Mrs. Jones guessed in h****r. Then, she saw Jeremy walking out of the room so she rushed over to him. “Jeremy, it’s you! You went in to purposely cause trouble for Rye, right? You want to k**l Rye and you don’t want him to have a good life! How can you be so cruel?

“15 years ago, the old man from your family used a heinous method to steal the opportunity from the Joneses bidding on Project ZF in order to solidify Whitman Corporation’s status in Glendale. He caused our old master to d*e in melancholy. Today, the descendants of the Whitmans are still trying to harm the descendants of the Joneses, huh? You’re so sinister!”

After the journalists heard this, they all exclaimed while feeling shocked.

“So this is the beef between the Whitmans and the Joneses!”

“Project ZF from 15 years ago? Could it be that it’s that project? I heard about it. It was what everyone was talking about back then!”

Everyone started a discussion among themselves. When Mr. and Mrs. Jones saw that they had attracted the attention of so many people, they felt even more encouraged to expose more things.

“That’s right! Everybody in Glendale knows about this project 15 years ago. The Jones had a pretty huge chance at winning, but my father-in-law wrongfully trusted that old man and showed him his proposal. In the end, that old man turned around and turned that proposal into his!”


After Mrs. Jones said that, she caused another huge wave in the crowd.

The passerby and journalists were all casting suspicious glances at Jeremy.

However, Jeremy did not want to explain too much. If the truth about this got out, the Jones family’s reputation would be ruined and it would affect the deceased old master as well.

He still wanted to save some dignity for the deceased. As for the truth, it would be fine if Ryan was the only one who knew about it.

However, Mrs. Jones did not want to give up. She pointed at Jeremy and started yelling at him.

“Rye grew up with his grandpa ever since he was young, so he’s close to his grandpa. The reason Rye got onto this path is that he wanted to seek justice for his grandpa. He had no other choice!

“The people who gave him no choice were you Whitmans! Especially you, Jeremy, and your wife, Eveline! You’re horrible people!”

Mrs. Jones blamed Jeremy and Madeline for all of Ryan’s crimes.

“You people are the reason my Rye chose this path!”