Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1373

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1373 – Felipe paused as his heart started beating faster.

“However what?” Jeremy asked curiously.

Felipe did not beat around the bush. He said frankly, “This doctor has been with me for so many years, so Cathy was familiar with him as well. He always treated Cathy like his daughter and Cathy looked up to him.”

Jeremy remembered something when he heard this. “Is the doctor you’re talking about the same one who treated me?”

Felipe nodded. “Cathy pulled some strings with the doctor. If not, normal people wouldn’t be able to get this doctor to treat them.”

“Don’t overthink things first. Call that doctor right now to ask him about this.” Jeremy reminded him.

Felipe’s heartbeat became more and more erratic. He took out his phone, and at that moment, he felt his hands getting weak.

Should he make this call?

If he got a denial, his heart would feel as painful as if it was being sliced by a thousand knives.

However, if he did not ask, he would lose his last hope.

Jeremy knew why Felipe was hesitating. “Do you need me to help you make the call?”

“No. No need.” Felipe came back to his senses and rejected him. He looked at his phone and after some hesitation, he finally made the call.

After a while, the call got through.

Felipe spaced out absent-mindedly for a few seconds before asking the question he had in his heart, “Is Cathy still alive?”

His tone sounded light, but he felt that his heart was beating abnormally heavy right now.

The person on the other end was obviously taken aback. “Mr. Whitman, why are you asking this question?”

The doctor sounded confused. “Miss Cathy passed away a long time ago, have you forgotten? Miss Cathy was such a poor soul. She was shot in the heart and there was no chance of saving her anymore.”

Felipe felt a bolt from the blue after hearing that answer.

His vision seemed to be dyed red and the redness was the blood from Cathy’s body.

She had loved him so much.

She had been with him for so many years without complaints.

However, it was too late for him when he finally realized the feelings of a woman like her toward him. He only realized she was the one he had been thinking about for so many years after she died.


Felipe mumbled Cathy’s name silently while bearing the pain in his heart. Then, he turned around in desolation.

Jeremy was about to go up to him to comfort him, but at the same time, Madeline called him.

He was worried that something might have happened to Madeline, so he immediately picked up the call. Then, he heard Madeline’s sweet and gentle voice from the other end of the phone. “Jeremy, is Felipe still with you? Grandpa said he hopes to have dinner with everyone tonight and said that you have to bring Felipe back.”

Jeremy looked at the depressed Felipe and promised without thinking, “Linnie, tell Grandpa to not worry. I’ll bring him back now and we’re definitely having dinner tonight.”

He purposely said this for Felipe to hear.

After he hung up, he patted Felipe’s shoulder. “You should’ve heard me just now. Grandpa hopes to have dinner with you. I know you want to surrender yourself, so I’ll go with you after dinner.”

Felipe hesitated for two seconds before agreeing in the end.

After they got back to Whitman Manor, Felipe was not in the mood to eat. His mind was occupied with Cathy.

When he saw Madeline, he asked anxiously, “Eveline, did you also see a woman who looked like Cathy on the streets today?”

“Also?” Madeline could sense something amiss in his sentence. She looked at Felipe and then back at Jeremy who was next to him. “Did you guys see her just now too?”

“I didn’t, but Felipe did,” Jeremy explained.

“So it means that I’m not imagining things and there’s indeed a woman who looks like Cathy out there?” When Madeline thought about this, she started to feel emotional as well. “Do you think that the woman is indeed Cathy?”