Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1363

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1363 – Madeline and Jeremy also raised their eyes and saw the doctor sighing helplessly. “We’ve tried our best and our hardest, but the patient does not have the will to survive. You need to prepare yourselves.”

Upon hearing this, both Mr. and Mrs. Jones became lifeless.

Madeline glanced sideways into the ICU.

She thought about the words Ryan said to her before collapsing and the sincere look in his eyes at that time.


‘You haven’t atoned for what you have done. Are you really going to give up everything and give up the idea of ​​survival just like this?’


Mrs. Jones’ emotional shriek pulled back Madeline’s thoughts.

She looked back and saw Mrs. Jones rushing to her in a hurry.

She thought that Mrs. Jones would vent her anger on her and continue to curse as well as berate her, but she did not expect that the moment Mrs. Jones ran up to her, she had a pleading look on her face. “Eveline, please go in and save Rye! I’m begging you!”

Mrs. Jones cried and pleaded, tears mottled all over her face.

“Eveline, I don’t care about what happened before. As long as you can save Rye now and let Rye have the will to survive, I’ll agree to whatever you ask!”

Madeline looked at the tearful Mrs. Jones and her heart was moved.

When she heard what the nurse said just now, she had already wanted to go in. It was Mrs. Jones who delayed it by being like this.

Jeremy had already seen through Madeline’s thoughts. He pulled Madeline closer by her hand. “Linnie, are you really going to do this?”

He did not stop her forcibly, but at the same time, he felt more torn for her.

“Ryan treated you like that time and again. He hurt you and caused you to bleed. In order to separate us, he did everything he could and even forced you into the way you are now. Linnie, your kindness shouldn’t be given to such a person.”

Madeline heard what Jeremy said and understood.

However, Mrs. Jones became nervous when she heard it for fear that Madeline would listen to Jeremy’s words and refuse.

She was emotional when she held Madeline’s wrist tightly. Suddenly, she knelt with a thud.

“Eveline, I’m begging you!”

With tears streaming down her face, Mrs. Jones tightened her grip around Madeline’s hand and refused to let go no matter what.

“Eveline, you’re also a mother, so you should understand my feelings. Rye is my only son. Even if he really broke the law, he’s still my son. As a mother, the only wish I have is for my child to be safe and sound!

“Eveline, you’re Rye’s only hope!”

His only hope.

Mrs. Jones’ remark sounded a bit exaggerated, but it was true.

“Get up.” Madeline’s expression was indifferent, and she was trying to break away from Mrs. Jones’ grip, but Mrs. Jones clung to her even more.

“Are you agreeing?” Mrs. Jones asked with her wide teary eyes.

Madeline nodded lightly. “Get up first.”

Seeing this, Mrs. Jones’ teary eyes were suddenly ignited with a ray of hope.

She stood up and wanted Madeline to quickly go in, but seeing Jeremy’s cold and indifferent face, she panicked again.

She had offended every member of the Whitman family, especially Jeremy.

She was worried that even if Madeline agreed, Jeremy would not.

Mrs. Jones was pondering about this nervously. Then, she saw Madeline and Jeremy raising their eyes and looking at each other.

She looked at the man’s deep and charming eyes before softly saying, “Jeremy, I—”

“Do what you want to do,” Jeremy answered with a gentle smile.

Madeline smiled lightly when she heard that. She was not surprised. It was as if she had predicted that Jeremy would give such an answer.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Jones were surprised and even shocked.

Soon enough, they saw Jeremy letting go of Madeline’s hand.

Under the guidance of the nurse, Madeline put on the sterilized disposable equipment and entered the ICU.