Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1361

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1361 – Seeing this scene, Madeline paused.

The scene of Ryan getting shot and collapsing in front of her appeared in front of her eyes once again.

The warmth of the blood splashed on her face seemed to be scorching hot on her cheeks.

Jeremy obviously felt the sudden drop in temperature of the hand in his palm. It became so cold.

“Linnie, are you okay?”Jeremy asked worriedly.

Madeline returned to her senses after she heard his voice. She shook her head gently. “I’m fine. I just suddenly remembered that night. He said that he had to take me away, but I just wanted to return to you and then he—”

“Eveline Montgomery!”

Before Madeline could finish, Mrs. Jones suddenly rushed frantically toward her with red eyes, trying to drag Madeline.

Jeremy pulled Madeline into his arms to protect her. There was a sharp glint in his eyes.

Mrs. Jones failed to grab Madeline and was infuriated.

“Eveline, you fickle b*tch! At the end of the day, Rye became like this because of you! Initially, you thought your husband was d**d, so you fell into Rye’s arms. Then, the man came back and you abandoned Rye again. I don’t believe for a second that it was a mission from Interpol!”

Mrs. Jones roared uncontrollably. “Eveline, you’re the one who k****d Rye!”

Madeline listened to Mrs. Jones scolding her while in a daze. However, she did not respond.

Of course, Jeremy could not tolerate it. “I’ll say it again. Even if Ryan really dies, he’ll be the only one to blame!”

“Jeremy, you—”

“Do you know what kind of trade your son is doing? He’ll be locked up for the rest of his life just for this crime alone!”

“What are you talking about?” Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ faces looked more and more terrible. “Jeremy, are you still trying to slander Rye right now? You’re so despicable! All of the Whitmans should go to h**l!”

“Shut up!” Jeremy was furious.

Mrs. Jones was stunned, immediately shocked by Jeremy’s aura.

“Everyone has to be responsible for their actions, including Ryan. He k****d someone and broke the law, so he should be punished. However, he wanted to abduct my wife and falsely imprison her. He asked for this gunshot.”

“You…” Mr. and Mrs. Jones’ faces were pale with anger, but they could not say anything to refute.

Jeremy did not care about Mr. and Mrs. Jones anymore. He held Madeline and walked to the ICU. Through the large windows, they could clearly see that the doctors and nurses were gathering around Ryan’s bed with solemn expressions while doing something.

Jeremy asked a police officer on duty next to him, “What’s his situation now?”

The police officer knew Jeremy and told the truth, “The convict’s condition suddenly deteriorated just now. The doctor went in not long ago and did first aid measures for him, but it’s not looking optimistic.”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Jones angrily cursed at the police officer, “What do you mean by ‘the convict’? Our Rye has not been convicted yet! Who are you to say that he’s a criminal? Also, Rye is still breathing and has a heartbeat. The doctor is rescuing him in there. Are you trying to curse Rye by saying that?”

“He is the convict,” the police officer said unhurriedly, “The police have already obtained enough evidence to prove Ryan’s crimes. Just because you say he didn’t do it doesn’t mean he didn’t.”


Mrs. Jones was angry, and when she was about to retort, the door of the ICU opened.

A nurse ran out anxiously and asked, “Is there someone named Eveline among the people the patient knows?”