Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1340

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1340 – ‘No, it’s just been a short while. Linnie couldn’t have gone far.’

Jeremy thought to himself as if he was trying to comfort himself.

He was too afraid he would let her go missing again.

He used to be a man who was not afraid of d***h, yet currently, he was trembling with fear till his palms were soaking with cold sweat.


Facing the air, Jeremy shouted out Madeline’s name, but the only reply he got in return was the sound of the tree branches being blown by the night breeze.

‘Where are you, Linnie?

‘Silly, your Jeremy is right here.’

Jeremy felt as if his heart was being set on fire where it was roasted, burning him.

At that moment, he heard a yell and the sound of someone falling on the ground from afar.


Jeremy quickly headed over in the direction of the sound and saw it was Madeline who tripped over.

Not knowing the reason, she had run to the river behind the villa. Under the street lights, Jeremy could clearly see Madeline having fallen onto the ground.

Jeremy ran over to her. Madeline was trying her best to get up.


He rushed over to her side at lightning speed and carried the woman who was fumbling.

The moment their skin touched, Jeremy could feel Madeline trembling in fear.

The moment she snapped out of it, she pushed Jeremy away again.

“Let me go! You’re Ryan’s lackey, right? He’s the one who ordered you to catch me back? What about my mom and dad? What did you guys do to them?”

Madeline kept pestering, her face pale and bloodless under the yellow street lights.

“Jeremy? Where’s Jeremy? He said he’s coming to get me. But why hasn’t he arrived even after I’ve waited for so long…” she muttered, then suddenly put on a terrified look.

“I know! It’s Ryan! It must be Ryan who did something to Jeremy! Jeremy…”

Madeline spun around anxiously, attempting to look for Jeremy.

Jeremy tried to suppress the hurt and mixed feelings within him. He then carried Madeline in his arms.

Madeline kept struggling. “Let me go!”

“Stop searching, Linnie. Your Jeremy is right here.” Jeremy comforted patiently with a gentle tone. His hatred and anger toward Ryan were growing strong within him.

However, Madeline was still struggling with all she had. “You’re not my Jeremy. Jeremy has been captured by Ryan! You let go of me. I’ll go find Ryan. I’ll promise him not to run away again, as long he’s willing to let go of my parents and Jeremy!”

Madeline wanted to leave after she spoke. Seeing Jeremy was insisting on not letting her go, she got exasperated and raised her hand. Then, she slapped Jeremy hard across the face.

“Didn’t you hear me telling you to let go of me?!” Her face was dark with rage.

Jeremy turned his head away, enduring the searing pain on his face. His orbs were glittering as he felt sorry for Madeline.

He emphasized while grasping Madeline’s shoulder, “Linnie, I’m Jeremy. Just look at me!”

“You’re not! Jeremy doesn’t look like this!” Feeling agitated, Madeline denied it.

“Yes, it’s me.” Jeremy looked into Madeline’s red and teary eyes, continuing to gently comfort her. “Linnie, I’m your Jeremy. Ryan didn’t do anything to me. I’ll also never let him harm you again. We’re already at home.”

Madeline seemed to be dumbfounded after hearing what Jeremy said.

She stared at him for some time before shaking her head. “No, you’re lying.”

“Linnie, I’m not lying to you,” said Jeremy as he took out an item from the pocket of his pajamas, presenting it to Madeline. “Look, Linnie. This is the best proof that I’m Jeremy.”