Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1336

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1336 – ‘Thank G*d, it was all just a lie from Ryan.’

He silently let out a breath of relief, and the worry in his chest dissipated.

“Linnie, I told you to wait for me in the car. What are you doing here?” Jeremy loosened his hug and looked at Madeline’s eyes as he asked gently.

Madeline lowered her gorgeous eyes. “I didn’t want to risk being unable to see you ever again.”

Jeremy felt a surge of warmth within him when he heard her reply. He could also feel the heat in his eyes. Then, he extended his arms and hugged Madeline tightly again.

Their breaths mingled in the air, and their heart was pumping fast with thrill.

“Linnie, you’ll never have to endure days when you can’t see me ever again. From now onward, I’ll be with you every single second.”

Madeline smiled and closed her eyes, leaning in Jeremy’s arms.

Upon returning from April Hill, Jeremy told Interpol everything about Ryan and informed that he was the one who used his gun to injure Ryan.

However, Ryan was a cunning man. Despite suffering from a heavy injury, he did not make any trips to the hospital.

After investigating all of the private and government hospitals in Glendale, they still failed to trace him.

Jeremy brought Madeline back to their new house to prevent her from having more trouble.

At sunset, Jeremy personally prepared dinner and Madeline ate the meal with satisfaction.

Perhaps she was too fatigued, so after the meal, Madeline immediately fell asleep after taking her bath.

For the past two days, it had been hectic. Jeremy was tired as well. After bathing, he gently lay down on the bed.

The bright moonlight outside shone into the floor-to-ceiling window. Jeremy placed one of his hands over his head and raised the other lazily, touching Madeline’s face.

He stared at her, inched closer, and kissed her on the face.

After kissing her, Jeremy started worrying.

He was afraid he would disturb Madeline. He was afraid that if Madeline were to open her eyes right now, she would realize his eyes and hair color were different from what they used to be and she would fail to recognize him.

Perhaps it was because he had such anxiety that Madeline was really about to wake up.

Jeremy got anxious and quickly switched off the table lamp.

Currently, he had taken off his wig and was not wearing colored contact lenses. With his current look, it would appear frightening and unfamiliar to Madeline.

He slowly turned around and had his back facing Madeline.

However, in just a moment, Jeremy felt Madeline leaning against his back. In the next second, she wrapped her hands around his waist.

Jeremy froze up. He felt his body temperature gradually rising after feeling the warmth emanating from her body.

He turned around and quietly watched her eyes that were half-open with the help of the moonlight.


“Yes?” Madeline nodded, then said out of curiosity, “Jeremy, I’m feeling a bit dizzy. It’s like I can’t recall many things. I only remember you. Say, what’s happening to me?”

Heartbroken, he touched her face. “Linnie, you haven’t been looking well lately. Go get more rest. You’ll be well soon.”

“Then, you have to keep me company.” She made her request coquettishly.

“Of course, I’ll accompany you. No matter where you are in this world, I’ll always follow you.” He closed his eyes and hugged her shoulder, placing her in his arms.

Madeline let out a sweet smile. Then, she raised her head and placed her lips onto Jeremy’s thin lips before kissing him passionately.

The sudden fragrance that approached Jeremy made him fumble. He did not expect Madeline to take the initiative and k**s him in such a situation.

While he was still spaced out, Madeline kissed him for the second time.

This time, just when her lips were about to leave him, Jeremy lifted his hands and pressed them on Madeline’s head.

Their gazes interlocked under the night sky, and it was as if a flow of passion was coursing through them.

However, when facing Madeline, who was so close to him, Jeremy was still trying to control his emotions.

The night before he returned, he had acted rashly and frightened her to the point where she wanted to run away. At that moment, he did not want to scare her off again.

After being silent for a few seconds, Jeremy pursed his lips and swallowed the urge to act rashly. He touched Madeline’s head. “Linnie, sleep early. Good—”

However, before he could say his good night wishes, Jeremy’s lips were sealed by Madeline’s lips again. He was stunned and looked at the lady before him, astonished…