Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1313

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1313 – Ryan’s expression shifted, and a ripple of emotions flashed through Madeline’s eyes at the mention of Jeremy’s name.

“How could Jeremy have found his way here?” Ryan questioned and instructed the two maids, “Watch over Madam and stay inside.”

They nodded as Ryan rushed to leave. She walked toward the bed to watch over Madeline.

Adam spared Madeline’s sluggish expression an intrigued glance before he turned to leave.

Ryan returned to the study and clicked on a software on the computer which showed him multiple cars driving toward the villa.

He enlarged the footage and was met with a clear visual of Jeremy’s appearance.

Jeremy’s features were too defined to be of a doppelganger.

“How would he know where we are?” Adam seemed confused and frustrated. “What do we do now?”

“The fact that he has found us means that he has come fully prepared. Bring Eveline and her parents away. I’ll deal with this.” Ryan decided, showing absolutely no fear of facing Jeremy head-on.

“Will you be alright here?” Adam asked worriedly.

Ryan curled his thin lips into a confident smile. “Why wouldn’t I? It’s not like they can catch me.”

Adam did not comment further and quickly made his way back to the bedroom Madeline was staying in as Ryan instructed.

The maids greeted courteously when they saw Adam approaching them. “Doctor Brown.”

“Leave us alone.” Adam shooed the two maids away.

He strode toward Madeline and grabbed a jacket on the way to put it over her shoulders. Her expression remained blank and lost.

“Come with me, Eveline Montgomery.”

Madeline’s gaze lingered on Adam for a few seconds before she shook her head. “I’m not going anywhere. I’m waiting for someone here.”

Adam frowned. “Who are you waiting for?”

“Jeremy Whitman.” She averted her gaze to look at the cloudy sky outside. “He’s coming over, so I’m waiting for him.”

She leaned against the bed in exhaustion and closed her eyes.

Adam was about to say something when he caught Ryan making his way over from the corners of his eyes.

Seeing Madeline lying on the bed with her eyes closed, Ryan went over to princess-carry her in his arms.

Madeline’s eyes snapped open, revealing traces of fear and shock within them. “Where are you bringing me?”

She looked at Ryan and said in a weak tone. The drastic blood loss and the lack of food had zapped all the strength from her body.

Not to mention after all the torment Ryan had been putting her through these days, Madeline could no longer summon the aura she once had.

Ryan forcibly carried Madeline to the car while Adam followed inside with his medical kit in hand.

“Bring her away now,” Ryan ordered.

Madeline raised her hand to paw the inside of the window with widened eyes. “I’m not going anywhere. I need to wait for Jeremy. He promised that he’ll bring me home,” she emphasized. Jeremy’s name seemed to have become her unwavering belief.

Ryan furrowed his brows when he felt something off about Madeline’s behavior. “Look after her,” he ordered Adam.

Adam nodded in acknowledgment and pried Madeline’s hand off the window forcefully.

“I’m not going anywhere. No.” Madeline raised and pinned her misty round eyes on Ryan. “I’m going to wait here until Jeremy comes. He promised that he’ll come and get me.”

“…” Ryan stared at Madeline’s unusual attitude in confusion.

Be it her tone or demeanor, Madeline was behaving exceptionally unusual today.

“Didn’t you tell me that you want to see your parents? These people will bring you to see them now.” Ryan reminded her.