Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1308

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1308 – Jeremy returned to the study table and continued to scan through the surveillance footage, but he found himself unable to focus.

His mind kept feeding him images of Madeline being forced to a corner and fighting back against Ryan with all that she had. She would always end up with wounds and be drenched with blood before Ryan would let her go.


Jeremy paced before the French windows with unease as he wore the ground below him down with his maddening frustration.

He left the house and stopped his car where the surveillance footage showed Ryan’s last known location.

Jeremy was about to survey the area when he suddenly received an anonymous text with a simple sentence: [Rest assured, she’s alright for now.]

There was no doubt that the ‘she’ in the text referred to Madeline.

Jeremy’s frantic heartbeat slowly settled.

Still, he was confused as to who had sent the text. Was it the same person who did emergency aid on him and sent him to the hospital from the warehouse?

Madeline remained locked in Ryan’s room for the entire night. The man did not go to bother her either.

As far as Madeline was concerned, it was a good thing.

However, the moment the sky brightened, Adam and the maids entered the room.

The maids helped Madeline wash up and change while Adam approached Madeline with his medical kit to redress her wounds.

Madeline used to reject Adam’s approach, but she resorted to staring at the man this time.

Adam knew that Madeline was staring at him but remained unfazed as he cleaned Madeline’s wounds and redressed them.

The maids brought Madeline’s breakfast. Adam spoke meaningfully without raising his head, “Let your wounds heal and recover first if you want to fight back.”

He spoke nonchalantly, then took his kit and left.

“Adam,” Madeline called out to him and got on her tiptoes. She was about to stand when she saw Ryan walking toward them outside the room.

She swallowed the words that were already at the tip of her tongue back down.

Adam turned to glance at Madeline who fell silent and pushed his glasses up with a shadow of a smile before he turned to look at Ryan. “Her wounds are alright. I’ll be going now if there’s nothing else.”


Ryan stopped Adam in his tracks just as they brushed past.

Adam’s footsteps came to a halt as a spark flashed through his eyes that were behind his glasses.

Ryan glanced at him. “Give me the bottle of reagent for her injection.”

Adam looked at Ryan confusedly but went back to the lab to fetch a bottle of reagent for him without asking questions.

Ryan took the reagent and stared at Madeline’s wary expression. He spoke coldly, “Out, all of you.”

The maids made a sound of acknowledgment and left, so did Adam.

Just as he was closing the door, Adam glanced subtly at Madeline through the gap before he finally shut it.

Madeline was now left alone with Ryan in the large bedroom.

Madeline sat by the bed where the early morning sunshine splashed over her fair features. Ryan felt his heart skip a beat at the sight.

He walked toward Madeline who resembled a delicate ice sculpture as she stared coldly at the approaching man without moving at all.

“What do you want this time?” Madeline asked calmly as she quietly tightened her grip on the item in her hand. “Are you trying to force me to obey you again?”

Ryan stopped before her and shook his head with a smile.

“You want to see Jeremy, don’t you?” he suddenly asked.

Madeline widened her eyes in shock when she saw Ryan taking his phone out the next second. Tapping on it here and there, he then turned the phone to Madeline.

Jeremy did not expect Ryan to call him again, let alone another video call.

He answered it without a thought. He was about to question Ryan where Madeline was but was surprised to see the woman who he missed so much that he was moments away from going crazy.