Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1301

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1301 – Ryan could not help but laugh at Madeline’s reaction. “Do you think that I’m going to k**l you?” He smiled. “How could I possibly have the heart to hurt you?”

Did he not?

Madeline found Ryan’s claim ridiculous.

All this while, he had only been hurting her.

Ryan patted the same spot again, and his tone turned gentle when he spoke, “Come back and sit.”

Madeline looked at the pair of scissors in Ryan’s hand. She had no other choice but to listen.

Ryan leaned toward her just as she sat. He began to thread his fingers through her still-damp hair.

“You’ve been with Jeremy for so long. I’m sure the man loves you a lot with how he’s willing to give up his life for you.”

Madeline did not understand what Ryan was trying to say, but she could feel his fingers intertwining with the strands of her hair.

Disgust filled her. She wanted to escape, but all she could do was clench her firsts and force herself to ignore it.

“I’m sure he’ll be aware of your every detail then, with how much he loves you, hmm? For example, the mole on your left chest?”

Madeline’s complexion paled further.

She tightened her hold on the towel subconsciously, not knowing if Ryan had heard it somewhere or if he had seen it himself.

Ryan watched as unease flashed through Madeline’s beautiful eyes and lifted a lock of her hair with a smile. “You’re going to slowly distance yourself from Jeremy Whitman starting from this moment. You’ll be mine and mine only, Mrs. Jones.”

He then lifted the pair of scissors and began to cut away at Madeline’s long hair.

The pair of scissors were sharp and Madeline’s inky locks split into two with a snip.

Her raven locks fell by her feet as if they were the ties that held her and Jeremy together.

Madeline could not stop him in time and she was left with hair that stopped before her collarbone.

“I wonder if Jeremy would be able to recognize you after you’ve changed your look?” Ryan smiled and threw the pair of scissors away before he called a maid over to blow Madeline’s hair dry.

Madeline sat blankly in place like a doll at the mercy of others.

Staring at the locks of hair around her, the slight flicker of light within her seemed moments away from being extinguished by Ryan.

Her sharp edges were slowly being sanded down by this devious and vile man.

The first thing Jeremy did once he got out of the hospital was contact the local IBCI quarters.

He had everything regarding Ryan pulled out and read them twice.

There was nothing wrong with Ryan’s background at all.

He was the son of a rich family in Glendale, an outstanding person from a good family background with a passion for drawing.

In one of Ryan’s high school essays, Jeremy realized that he spoke of a person—his grandfather.

Through the essay, Jeremy came to know that Ryan’s parents were often too busy to take care of Ryan, so he was brought up mainly by his grandfather alone.

His grandfather passed away 15 years ago and Ryan was dejected for a long time.

Jeremy remembered what Ryan said in the warehouse.

“Go home and ask that old man what he did back then.”

Was Grandfather involved in the d***h of Ryan’s grandfather?

Jeremy was quick to deny the thought.

He had grown up with Old Master Whitman since he was young. Grandfather was always a kind and caring old man.

After the incident with Felipe, Old Master Whitman had decided to spend the rest of his retirement in the village house.

Jeremy did not want to bother the elderly man from resting, but he refused to leave Madeline alone in danger.

He dialed Old Master Whitman’s number and the call was picked up after a few rings.