Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1298

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1298 – “You’re finally begging me now?” Ryan asked joyfully. “I’ve reminded you more than once not to test my limits, haven’t I? I’m not Jeremy Whitman and I won’t let you do as you wish. Listen to me and I’ll promise to keep your parents safe.”

Madeline nodded as tears clouded her vision. “Okay! I understand, I really do. Just call the ambulance, Ryan, please! I’m begging you, please!”

Madeline pleaded, moments away from kneeling.

Ryan smiled as he enjoyed the look of tears streaming down Madeline’s face and reached out to caress her brows that were drenched by the rain. The look in his eyes warmed and took a loving turn.

“Listen to me, Eveline, and I can promise to fulfill your every wish.”

Madeline nodded rapidly through her tears. “I’ll listen! I’ll listen to everything you say, Ryan! I really will! I won’t say the wrong things anymore and I won’t meet Jeremy again. I also won’t try to escape anymore, I promise!”

Ryan curled his lips in satisfaction and took out his phone to call an ambulance.

Just then, the car door suddenly flung open and Sean got out of the car with difficulty.

“Dad!” Madeline turned around and ran to help Sean up as the man took shallow breaths.

Tears began to fall when her eyes fell on the bleeding wound on his forehead. “I’m sorry, Dad. It’s my fault you and Mom got hurt.”

Sean summoned the rest of his strength and grabbed Madeline’s hand tightly. His eyes were filled with fatherly love as he pulled her behind him and glared at Ryan.

“Stop threatening my daughter, Ryan!”

Ryan walked over with his umbrella, a sneer on his face. He was no longer hiding his true self.

“Think well before you decide, if you would like to continue as my father-in-law or as my enemy.”

Sean’s gaze sharpened sternly. “You’re not my son-in-law! I only have one, and his name is Jeremy Whitman!”

Madeline watched the moment anger started to swirl in Ryan’s eyes.

She quickly ran to hold Sean’s shoulder and pleaded, “Dad, no, it’s fine. Don’t talk anymore.”

Understanding Madeline’s unease, Sean pulled her into his chest by her shoulder. “It’s okay, Eveline, Dad’s here. I never really protected you before, but I won’t let anyone hurt you again.”

Madeline’s body was cold, but for that short moment, warmth filled her chest.

Taking in Ryan’s dark gaze again, the sense of danger crept back into her mind.

“What a great father.” Ryan sighed, his tone more ironic than in admiration. “If that’s the case, then allow me to make your wish come true.”

Ryan then glanced at the two bodyguards who immediately came over. They held Sean by his shoulders as they pulled him away from Madeline.

“What are you doing? Let go!” Sean struggled against their hold, but he was injured and did not have enough strength to fight them back now.

“Dad!” Madeline cried out nervously and tried to push the two bodyguards away only for Ryan to grab her shoulder. “Let go, Ryan! Tell your men to let go of my dad!”

Ryan scoffed, his dark and threatening voice drifting past Madeline’s ear. “All who defy will not end prettily. If he doesn’t want to be my father-in-law, then I have no other choice but to send him off to heaven.”

Madeline’s expression paled. Watching a bodyguard aim a gun at Sean’s temple, the world around her turned black.

It dawned on Madeline at that moment that Ryan was a devil and there was nothing he would not do.

“No! Ryan, don’t!” She begged with a sob, grabbing the man’s sleeves. “I promise that I won’t let my dad do anything against your wishes anymore, Ryan! Tell your men to stop! Dad!”