Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1296

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1296 – Ryan took a handkerchief and wiped Madeline’s lips in what seemed to be a caring manner. “Don’t frown all the time. Smile a little.”

Madeline did not know how she was supposed to smile, but Ryan seemed adamant about seeing one on her face at that moment.

She forced the corners of her lips to curl and gave Ryan a small smile.

Ryan was elated. “There we go. Now you’re looking more like my wife with how well you’re listening to me.”

“Ryan, bring me to see—”

“Eveline.” Sean suddenly entered the room.

Madeline looked up and was surprised to see Eloise following behind him.

“Mom?!” She watched as Eloise looked up and smiled at Ryan.

“Don’t worry, Eveline. Your mom came back last night after Mr. Jones’ men went to look for her. You fell asleep early yesterday, so I didn’t wake you up,” Sean explained to Madeline.

It turned out Eloise had already returned last night and Ryan was merely making fun of her moments ago.

Ryan met Madeline’s gaze and smiled. “You guys should talk. There are a few things I need to do.”

Sean nodded and watched Ryan leave with a smile on his face. He seemed to like Ryan a lot.

Madeline did not know how to tell Sean that Ryan was a horrifying two-faced man.

With Ryan gone, Madeline let out a sigh of relief and took Eloise’s hand. The weight in her chest was lifted.

“Thank goodness you’re alright, Mom. It’s my fault for not looking after you when I was with Jeremy.” Madeline blamed herself.

Eloise frowned in confusion. “Who’s Jeremy? Is it that young man you kissed?”

“…” Madeline flushed in embarrassment.

She was about to change the subject when she saw Sean glancing outside before carefully shutting the door.

“Dad?” Madeline found his actions weird. “What’s wrong?”

Sean turned and walked back to Madeline, his expression turning heavy. “Tell Dad the truth, Eveline. Did something happen between you and Ryan? I could feel that something was wrong yesterday at the hospital and after hearing your conversation just now when I was at the door. I can’t help but think that something’s wrong.”

Madeline did not expect her father to be so observant. She did not want to lie to him, so she told everything from the beginning.

Sean’s complexion paled at the story. “I never expected this at all! How could Ryan be such a person? No way, we can’t just stay here and wait for him to act first. He might use me and your mother’s safety to control you.”

Sean was worried and concerned for Madeline. “How about this? I’ll say that I want to bring your mom to see the doctor later, Eveline, and you’ll come with us. It’ll be easier to run once we get outside.”

While the plan was sound, Madeline could not help but feel worried. “Isn’t this too risky, Dad?”

“Staying here would be even riskier.” Sean glanced at Eloise. “We can’t lock your mother in the house forever because of her condition either. The three of us need to make it out of here safely if we want to go back to how we used to live.”

It made sense, so Madeline agreed.

Once they left Madeline’s room, Sean then went to look for Ryan and told him that he wanted to bring Eloise to a psychologist. Ryan was doubtful and thought about it for a few seconds before he agreed. “I’ll have someone come with you, then.”

“Eveline alone is enough.” Sean suggested. “You know how Ellie’s only like this because of Eveline. I’m sure Eveline’s presence would help Ellie a lot.”

Ryan glanced at Madeline. “Let’s all go, then.” He walked toward Madeline with a shadow of a smile. “I’ll come with you.”


Madeline and Sean shared a look at Ryan’s unexpected reply but did not decline.

Yet with Ryan coming out with them, their plan had failed.

Ryan had Sean and Eloise take a car while he drove another one with Eveline.

Knowing that her plan to escape was nulled, Madeline stared blankly out the window and watched the raindrops patter against it.

“Are you disappointed that I’m coming along?” Ryan suddenly asked, cutting the silence in the car.

Madeline did not reply.

“My apologies for destroying your family’s plan to escape.”


Madeline’s heartstrings tugged as she stared at Ryan in disbelief, the man had an eerie smile on his face. Ryan suddenly brought the car to an emergency brake and Madeline heard a loud c***h from the front.

She looked up to find Sean and Eloise’s car amongst a severe car accident.

“Mom! Dad!”

She quickly went to open the car door, but Ryan grabbed her wrist as a chuckle drifted into her ears.

“Don’t be in such a rush. Come look at this first.”