Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1267

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1267 – After Ryan left, Madeline was left alone in the room.

The maids came in once again and delivered the first aid kit and a splendid meal of western cuisine.

Madeline looked at her finger which was still bleeding. She knew that she possessed a rare blood group and did not want to continue bleeding.

“Let me help you, Madam.” The young maid was very friendly and came over politely, hoping to offer Madeline a helping hand.

Madeline realized she had acted rashly earlier after recalling the incident. She should remain calm as that was the only way to escape from Ryan’s grasp.

“Alright.” Madeline nodded. “Sorry for troubling you with this.”

The maid happily went ahead and helped Madeline dress her wound after noticing that Madeline was not strongly resisting like earlier.

With utmost respect, she squatted beside Madeline and took out the alcohol and cotton swab to clean the wound.

Madeline stared at the maid, who was cleaning her wound with a serious look on her face, and asked with a calm tone, “What’s your name?”

“My name’s Sandy,” the maid replied with a smile. Then, she pointed at another maid who was busy cleaning the floor. “She’s Jess. We were both specially hired to take care of you, Madam.”

‘Sandy, Jess.’

Madeline thought to herself before asking again, “Sandy, where is this place?”

“This is the master’s holiday villa in Y County. Don’t you know about it?” Sandy blinked her innocent big eyes as she stared at Madeline as if she was puzzled.

‘Y Country?

‘This is Y Country?

‘Wait a second.’

Madeline suddenly recalled Ava’s words that Ava’s mother was the richest person in Y Country!

‘Is this an opportunity given to me to escape from Ryan’s control?

‘But I think Ava’s mother is currently in Glendale.’

The thought of it extinguished the flame of hope within her.

“Madam, your injury has been properly bandaged. For the time being, please don’t get water on it, or else your injury will be inflamed.” Sandy reminded her while placing the meal on the table. “Please have your meal, Madam. We’ll be waiting outside. Just summon us whenever you need anything.”

Madeline stared at the western cuisine and realized she had no other choice.


The two maids were delighted. “This is our responsibility. You don’t have to express your gratitude to us, Madam.”

The two maids said simultaneously, then left the room with faint smiles.

‘Judging from their way of action and speech, it seems they’ve undergone special training. They don’t look like any ordinary maids.”

Madeline was lost. ‘Just who the h**l is Ryan?

‘And about the thing he told me earlier…’

“Do you know why I hate Jeremy so much? Do you even know what place this is?”

‘Why does he hate Jeremy that much?’

Madeline could not figure out the reason for it, but from what she had seen, Ryan had a motive behind everything he did. He seemed bent on against Jeremy.


Madeline held the wedding ring on her ring finger and frowned.

“I know that you’ll be able to find me. I promise you, I’ll take good care of myself before you manage to find me. I’ll be waiting for you,” she muttered to herself. She glanced at the meal before her. Despite not having the appetite to eat, she still forced herself to fill up her stomach.

She needed the strength to fight against Ryan!

In the study room.

Ryan’s long fingers were holding onto the new reagent created by Adam.

After having a look at it, his expression darkened.