Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1257

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1257 – Seeing Jeremy rushing over, Ryan pointed his gun at Madeline. Then, a smile that was ambiguously righteous or evil appeared on his handsome face.

“Come with me.”

He said this to Madeline before taking her hand and walking to the dock.

There was a small yacht docked on the pier. Then, Ryan pushed Madeline onto the yacht and started it.

Madeline looked back and saw Jeremy rushing to the end of the dock, but she could only watch Ryan take her away.

“Linnie.” Jeremy looked worried. As he looked at the figure that was gradually getting blurrier, he immediately opened the app on his phone and searched for Madeline’s location.

While looking at the little red dot that was moving on the screen, he could also feel his heart beating faster.

‘Linnie, I’ll definitely bring you back safely.

‘Then, we’ll reunite as a family.’

Since Ryan abducted Madeline via the waterway, Jeremy had no choice but to go back first.

As soon as he returned to Whitman Manor and saw Lillian blowing bubbles in the yard, he felt his heart getting warmer.

“Lily,” he whispered softly.

Lillian had just finished blowing her bubbles when she heard a voice. Then, she was stunned.

She turned her petite and cute little figure, blinking her big crystal-clear eyes to take a careful look.

As soon as she saw Jeremy walking toward her, the bubbles in front of the little girl seemed to become more colorful and vibrant.

She displayed her sweet little dimples, kicked her short legs, and happily ran toward Jeremy.


Her voice was as crisp as a silver bell and it felt like a clear spring flowing through Jeremy’s heart. He ran to his only little princess without any worries, picked her up, and held her firmly in his arms.

“Lily.” He hugged the child while feeling sorry. When he heard her calling him ‘Daddy’, he knew that he should be very happy, but his heart was inexplicably hurting.

Lillian hugged Jeremy’s neck tightly and nestled intimately in his arms to look for the paternal warmth she craved.

Karen had just come back and thought she heard Lillian calling out to her father.

She thought she heard it wrong, but when she came out, she really saw Jeremy holding Lillian.

“Jeremy!” Karen ran over hurriedly and looked behind Jeremy. After that, the surprise on her face changed to melancholy. “Why are you alone? Where’s Eveline? Why didn’t Eveline come back with you?”

Jeremy did not expect that Karen would care about Madeline so much one day. He said with a frown, “Ryan brought Linnie away on a yacht, so I could only come back first.”

When Karen heard this, her face fell and she became even angrier. “I really didn’t expect that Ryan would be that kind of person! What is he going to do to Eveline? Do you think he will—”

“Stop thinking nonsense,” Jeremy interrupted Karen. However, he also felt rather uneasy.

He did not forget the words Ryan said when he took Madeline away. “Jeremy, if I can’t get this woman, then neither can you!”

‘Ryan, if you dare do anything to Linnie, I will make sure none of the Joneses have peace for the rest of their lives!’

“Jeremy, did Lily call you ‘Daddy’ just now?” Karen finally remembered.

Jeremy gathered his emotions and looked at the little cutie leaning in his arms before caressing her head.

“Yeah, Lily finally called me ‘Daddy’.”

“Great! Lily can speak again!” Karen was extremely surprised. “When Eveline comes back, you’ll be able to truly reunite as a family.”

Jeremy nodded. ‘Linnie, you’re the only one left.’

The sky gradually darkened, but Madeline did not know where Ryan had brought her to.

Aside from her wedding ring, Ryan took away all of Madeline’s accessories and threw them into the sea.

Ryan held the gun and walked along the beach. Under the night sky, he looked even more sinister from the back.