Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1255

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1255 – Looking at Jeremy whose eyes were filled with worry, Ryan chuckled and asked, “Do you think I can let her go now?”

Compared to Jeremy’s nervousness, Madeline was much calmer. “Ryan, you’re an Interpol agent too, so you should know that you’ll be punished by law if you commit a crime.”

Ryan’s eyes showed a little appreciation when he saw that Madeline was not afraid of anything.

“I know, so that’s why I can’t let you go now.” He smirked, but the smile on his elegant and handsome face that was as soft as spring breeze was long gone. At this moment, there was only an evil sneer.

There was no need for interrogation because through Ryan’s behavior, everyone could clearly see the truth now.

He committed m****r and wanted to blame Jeremy for his crime, but in the end, evil could never trump justice. His gentle and elegant facade was completely torn apart by Madeline, and he was now covered with a dark and evil aura like Satan from the night.

“Jeremy, if you don’t want anything to happen to the love of your life, it’s best not to act rashly,” Ryan threatened him with Madeline’s life. “All of you will get away from me now,” he ordered before tightening his grip on Madeline’s neck and turning around.

Jeremy had no other choice. It was very likely that Ryan might k**l himself and Madeline now that he was in this state.

He could not risk Madeline’s life.

Ryan took Madeline hostage and pushed Madeline into the car in front of everyone present and hundreds of millions of netizens before driving away.

Jeremy immediately wanted to chase after him, but the ignorant journalists were still trying to interview him at this time.

“Mr. Whitman, what do you think about your false accusations?”

“Why did Ryan frame you like this?”

“What’s the beef between you?”

Jeremy was extremely annoyed. He did not speak, but his sharp and sword-like cold eyes glared directly at them.

The journalists all stopped abruptly. They did not even dare to breathe too loudly now, let alone question him.

Jeremy got into the car and immediately stepped on the accelerator to catch up with Ryan.

At this moment, Karen ran over aggressively and scolded the journalists who pestered Jeremy aggressively.

“Are all of you all blind? Can’t you see that my daughter-in-law is being taken hostage now? How can you still care about interviews now? Do you have any humanity? If you lot delay Jeremy in saving my daughter-in-law, you can just wait for me to revoke all of your licenses!” Karen berated them sternly.

Then, she raised her head and looked in the direction where Jeremy and several police cars were speeding toward. Aside from feeling anxious, she also felt guilty and started to blame herself in her heart.

‘It turns out that her self-righteous mother-in-law has wrongfully blamed her again.

‘She didn’t run back to Ryan. She stayed beside Ryan to save Jeremy.’

Karen sighed silently and prayed sincerely. “Eveline, don’t let anything happen to you.”

Ryan drove the car very fast along the busy streets. It felt as if he was in a race.

He knew that Jeremy would definitely catch up, so he needed to be fast.

The car continued to accelerate and speed up. Madeline grasped the handle tightly and looked at Ryan’s furious eyes.

“You should have known that something like this would happen one day,” she said in a calm voice.

Ryan’s eyes were red, and the fingers holding the steering wheel tightened gradually. Plus, his knuckles were even making cracking sounds.

“You’ve been lying to me.” He glanced sideways and looked deeply at Madeline.

Madeline admitted frankly, “Yes, I was lying to you, but weren’t you lying to me as well?”

Ryan was silent. His thin lips were pressed tightly into a cold arc.

“You didn’t fall asleep on the way back after I took you to Adam’s laboratory that day?” he questioned.

“We did that so many times and you always made me go to sleep every time on the way there and back because you don’t want me to know where Adam’s laboratory is. Although I can’t smell the gas that makes me sleepy every time, I could estimate from the time and your actions.”