Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1249

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1249 – Madeline’s pink lips curled slightly. The tall and handsome figure was reflected in her clear and beautiful pupils.

Jeremy was wearing a tailored suit, a black shirt, and a burgundy tie. He was standing in the defendant’s seat while looking cool and elegant.

Compared to how tired and sick he looked in the previous two days, he was now in a very good state and also in good spirits.

He had a graceful posture, and he exuded a kind of calm and relaxed charm.

He was not at all like a criminal awaiting sentence, but rather a domineering adjudicator who wanted to try others.

Ryan looked at Jeremy indifferently.

It did not matter how good Jeremy’s image was nor how strong his aura was now.

He could not escape from being accused of homicide now that they had conclusive evidence.

Ryan curled up the corners of his lips and smiled openly at Jeremy’s calm gaze.

He seemed to be showing off his victory.

After the verdict was announced, Jeremy’s reputation in Glendale would completely be destroyed and the status of the Whitmans in Glendale would also decline.

This way, the Jones would gradually become the number one family in Glendale.

He, Ryan Jones, would be able to finally reveal outstanding talent.

While thinking about these upcoming glorious moments, Ryan’s smirk became wider.

Madeline looked at the smirk on Ryan’s face and quietly averted her gaze, looking straight ahead.

The gallery was basically full at this time. After the judge came in, he announced that the court was officially in session.

Interrogations about Jeremy murdering Lana and his escape from p****n before k*****g the police officer started.

The waitress in that hotel and the young couple passing by the corridor on that day all appeared in court to testify.

The waitress nodded and confirmed while looking at Jeremy who was in the defendant’s seat. “Yes, it was Jeremy Whitman. That day, I went to the room to deliver meals to the guest on time, but as soon as I walked in, I saw a woman covered in blood lying on the floor. Only Jeremy Whitman was present at that moment.”

The young couple also confirmed. “Yes, it was Mr. Whitman. My boyfriend and I saw him coming out of that room with our own eyes. My boyfriend even took a video when that happened. That person was definitely Mr. Whitman.”

“Mr. Whitman has such an outstanding appearance and I was his fan previously, so I wouldn’t have mistaken him for another person! However, I will never idolize him again!” The young girl looked at Jeremy disappointedly after she finished speaking.

After listening to these two witnesses’ testimonies, Jeremy’s expression remained calm.

At this moment, all the netizens who watched this scene on the live broadcast platform exploded.

Almost everyone was scolding Jeremy.

They said that he was noble and elegant on the surface, but in fact, he was a cold-blooded m******r.

The court had not convicted Jeremy yet, but these ‘judges’ on the internet already convicted him.

Ryan’s smile grew wider as he watched the development of this situation.

‘Jeremy, are you satisfied with the witnesses I’ve arranged for you?’

He smiled calmly at Jeremy and continued to watch what was going to happen.

After the testimony, the prosecution presented the evidence. “Everyone, this is the gun found near the victim, Lana Johnson. After forensic verification, this gun was used to k**l Lana. In addition to that, the forensic team found the fingerprints of the defendant, Jeremy Whitman, on the m****r weapon.”

The staff showed the evidence on the big screen, and at the same time, they were also broadcasting this on the internet.

The evidence was concrete. The accusation of Jeremy being the real m******r behind Lana’s d***h was almost invulnerable.

The judge looked at Jeremy who was indifferent with a stern gaze. “Defendant, do you have anything you want to say? Or, do you plead guilty?”

After the judge said that, everyone’s eyes fell on Jeremy while they waited for him to respond.

Jeremy’s eyes landed on Madeline’s face while he was faced with pairs of dubious, contemplating, and inquisitive eyes.