Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 124

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 124 – Madeline tearfully looked at Eloise as she uttered those words. In that moment, her heart shattered into a million pieces, losing all hope. The familial love that she had craved for so long had turned into a weapon that would destroy her life.

If there was a next life, she wanted to be a fish that only had seven seconds of memory. That way, she could forget all the pain.

Not long after, Madeline was tried in court for m****r. People usually begged to live but Madeline’s heart was so broken she had lost all will to live.

In the court, Madeline wore a p****n uniform. Her face was pale and her hair disheveled, looking just like a wild ghost.

She saw Meredith dressed up beautifully, accompanying Eloise and Sean. Even Jeremy had come, probably to see what her sentence was. He probably wanted to see her get sentenced to j**l, never to have a chance to redeem herself again.

Madeline could not help but laugh bitterly. She felt like she was certain to be deemed guilty, and either sentenced to life in p****n or even given the d***h sentence, but she did not expect that there would be a lawyer present to defend her.

This lawyer was extremely professional and was quite well known in the field as well. He provided a very important piece of evidence.

At the crime scene, they found a napkin stained with Madeline’s blood. On the napkin were the fingerprints of a third person. However, these fingerprints were not present in any criminal records, nor have they managed to figure out who it belonged to.

Madeline suddenly recalled that Meredith had hit her face, which resulted in her blood getting onto Meredith’s hand. After that, Meredith had used a napkin to wipe off the blood before throwing it on the floor. That napkin had to have been left behind my Meredith!

Meredith definitely had a hand in Brittany’s d***h!

Madeline did not voice out anything in court, but plans began to form in her mind.

Thanks to that suspicious fact, Madeline could not be sentenced and was let free by the court.

However, Eloise and Sean did not let the matter rest. They were convinced that Madeline was the m******r who k****d Brittany, and Meredith had been whispering false advice into their ears.

Madeline left the court dressed in simple clothing. The sun shone brightly, but her heart was d**d inside.

She closed her reddened eyes. Even if she did not have much longer to live and could not fight against Meredith and Jeremy, she felt that, if she really was to d*e, she could not afford to let Meredith continue free and unfettered.

Madeline sent in a letter of resignation, and after resting for two days, she returned to that forest outside of the city. She wanted to find evidence, evidence that would prove that Meredith was the real k****r.

Madeline did not expect she would actually find it. It was a studded earring from Chanel, covered under a pile of grass. There were still traces of dried blood on it.

Perhaps the snow had covered up the earring before, or maybe it was an act of g*d, but an earnest smile finally showed on Madeline’s face.

She stood up, and as she was about to leave, she was surprised to see Jeremy had come.

He took large strides as he walked over, and his handsome and cool face was quickly right in front of her. Madeline held the earring in front of Jeremy’s eyes. “Jeremy, I guess you would recognize these earrings? They’re Meredith’s!”

Jeremy looked at Madeline’s big eyes that were filled with anticipation, furrowing his eyebrows as he said, “Do you know why you can stand here freely right now?’

Madeline was taken aback, not understanding what Jeremey meant.

“The lawyer was hired by me.” He answered, much to Madeline’s surprise.

He actually hired a lawyer for her!

“Why? Why did you help me?” Madeline was extremely astonished. Her heartbeat sped up as she awaited Jeremy’s answer.

Seeing Madeline look at him with such anticipation, Jeremy’s lips curled up into an evil smile, startling Madeline.

“Didn’t you say you don’t love me anymore? Why does it feel like that’s a lie?”