Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1234

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1234 – Madeline lifted the corners of her lips in satisfaction and glanced at Ryan beside her. “Rye, let’s go.”

Ryan glanced at Madeline fondly. Then, he raised his hand in front of everyone and put his arm around Madeline’s shoulders.

Of course, his behavior was mainly to trigger Jeremy.

Moreover, he even gave Jeremy a subtle, victorious glance before leaving confidently with Madeline in his arms.

The news of Jeremy getting arrested after saving his daughter quickly spread.

Everyone also knew about what Madeline had heartlessly said to Jeremy on the roof before leaving with Ryan.

However, she did not care about the bullying on the internet. After returning to the house with Ryan, she wanted to find a chance to preserve Ryan’s suit with the traces of smoke.

However, Ryan never gave Madeline a chance. He stayed with her the entire time and even turned on the television in the living room to watch the news about Jeremy’s arrest.

“I didn’t expect Jeremy to sacrifice everything for his woman and children in the end.” Ryan curled his lips and smiled in satisfaction. Then, he looked at the silent Madeline. “You did a great job too. In order to let Jeremy live and make me feel satisfied with the performance, you’d rather bear the label of being a fickle wh*re.”

While listening to Ryan’s words, Madeline suddenly smiled bitterly. Then, she leaned against the sofa. She looked weary as she blankly stared forward.

“Perhaps I’m not destined to stay with him.” She sighed as tears quietly fell from the corners of her eyes. “I’ve split up and reunited with him so many times but we still couldn’t stay together. I just long for a quiet life. Why is it always so difficult?”

Ryan probably did not expect Madeline to suddenly show such an emotional side. After seeing her tears, he pitied her a little and raised his hand to gently wipe her tears away. Then, he comforted her with a gentle tone.

“Since we’re not suitable for each other, why did I force myself to be with him? Feelings are indeed an indispensable factor in marriage, but if two people are not suitable for each other, there will be no happiness even if they’re forced to be together.”

Madeline turned her head to look into Ryan’s eyes. There was no repulsion nor contempt in her eyes.

“I want to see him.”

“Sure,” Ryan answered without hesitation.

Madeline smiled as a twinkle flashed across her stunning pupils.

The next day, Madeline took Lillian to the police station.

In the conjugal room, she saw the man in poor spirits while dressed in p****n clothes.

Jeremy’s complexion looked very bad. The poison had tormented him to a terrible state.

Madeline restrained her emotions and brought Lillian to him.

“I know you must want to see Lily,” Madeline said insipidly. She figured Ryan must have arranged for someone to watch her in secret, so she remained indifferent to Jeremy.

Jeremy glanced at Madeline fondly, then turned his attention to Lillian who was staring at him. He smiled softly and said, “Lily.”

Lillian walked over and pulled the corner of his clothes while blinking her huge eyes. Then, she stood on tiptoes and placed a candy into Jeremy’s palm.

Jeremy’s heart warmed up. He knew that the little girl’s favorite snacks were candies.

She gave him what she thought was the best thing in the world, which meant that the little girl was no longer angry with him.

Instantly, Jeremy felt as if all of his pain had healed.

Madeline looked at this scene with warmth in her heart, but she still spoke calmly, “Jeremy, I’ll help you hire a lawyer for the sake of our previous relationship.

“Do you have any other things you want? If not, I’ll take the child home,” Madeline said as she pulled Lillian’s hand to get up and leave.

“Yes.” Jeremy looked at Madeline’s back. “I want to look at you and our daughter longer.”

Madeline felt her heart burning when she heard what he said.

She looked back and looked into his affectionate eyes.

However, ten minutes was too short. It felt as if they would have to leave each other the moment their eyes met.

“Eveline, will you marry me again if I ever get the chance to get out?” Jeremy asked Madeline before finally turning around.

Madeline looked at him without giving any response, but Jeremy saw the best answer in her eyes.

He smiled and looked at Lillian whose brows were knitted together tightly. “Lily, Daddy is going now. Go home with Mommy.”

Lillian shook her head lightly when she heard those words. Then, she pouted as if she was about to cry.

Jeremy had no choice but to turn around.

However, when he was about to step out of the conjugal room, he suddenly heard rapid footsteps approaching him.

Lillian broke away from Madeline’s grip before running to his side, holding his hand tightly. “Daddy!”