Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 123

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 123 – When Madeline saw Eloise and Sean hold Meredith’s hand with tender love, all she could think of was that the love should have belonged to her. All that love and care had been given to Meredith.

Madeline’s heart froze and she bit onto her lips, s********g down those words that were on the tip of her tongue, suppressing the longing back down into her heart.

She felt a weird sensation in her chest, but she did not even have time to think about it when the familiar taste of blood was once again present in her throat.

“Madeline, you really crossed the line this time!” Meredith sobbed as she ran in front of Madeline. “I told you before, if you have any problems you should just bring them to me, don’t hurt anyone around me. How could you be so cruel! You actually k****d Brit this time! Will you not rest until you’ve tormented everyone around me?”

With Meredith’s face right in front of her, Madeline jeered as she gagged, fresh blood once again flowing out of her mouth, staining her white teeth.

“Meredith, you might be able to fool everyone else, but you’ll never fool me. Don’t play games in front of me, you make me feel sick.” The moment Madeline finished saying that, a slap was sent right to her face. That slap was courtesy of Sean.

Madeline was already at the brink of exhaustion. That one slap sent her straight to the ground, spitting out blood from her mouth. However, this time around, the blood was not a normal bright red, but dark.

Madeline let out a cold laugh, suddenly reveling in the piercing pain she felt in her heart. At the very least, before she died, she could enjoy another form of ‘love’ from her parents.

Sean did not even spare Madeline a look, holding Meredith’s hand and saying, “Mer, your mom is not feeling well, let’s go back.”

“Dad, you should bring mom back first, I’ll have a few words with Madeline before I go,” Meredith said with a weak look on her face.

That look pulled on Sean’s heartstrings, and he was not willing to push the matter, so instead, he went ahead and helped Eloise out.

Before heading off, Eloise did not forget to remind her, “If this despicable woman dares to bully you, just shout for me. Even if I have to put my life on the line, I won’t let this b*tch hurt my precious daughter!”

Meredith nodded her head obediently at that, whereas Madeline let out a cold laugh, sprawled on the floor.

She was used to the feeling of someone rubbing salt on her wounds, but this time, it felt exceptionally painful.

After Eloise and Sean left, Meredith knelt down next to Madeline. Upon seeing the dark blood that Madeline had just spat out, she curved her lips into a smile.

“Madeline, do you see that? You spat out blood again. However, looking at the color, you probably don’t even have three months left.” Her voice sounded exceptionally evil.

“Therefore, let me give you some advice. It’s best you keep certain things to yourself, otherwise, you might not be the only one d***g.”

As Meredith’s words entered her ears, Madeline suddenly jumped up, clamping her hands around Meredith’s throat with all her might.

“That’s right, I won’t be the only one d***g, you will too!” Madeline shouted, “Meredith, even if I d*e, I won’t let you hurt my family ever again!”

Meredith’s face rapidly reddened as she was choked. The guard hurried over to try to pull Madeline away, but Madeline was exceptionally strong at that point. Even when the guard used a police baton to hit Madeline, trying to get her to let go, Madeline would not budge.

There was too much commotion, which caused Eloise and Sean to turn back. Looking at the scene, Sean ran over and kicked Madeline away, hugging Meredith protectively.

“Mom, dad, Madeline is way too scary! She wants to k**l me!” Meredith screamed.

Madeline lay down on the floor, a cold smile on her face as she said, “Yes, I want to k**l you! Meredith, I won’t let you off even if I d*e!”

Another slap was sent at Meredith’s face, this time it was from Eloise.

Eloise stared at Madeline with the utmost contempt, pointing at Madeline and declared with a stern voice, “Then I really want to see what you would dare do to our precious daughter! Even if you turn into a ghost, I will get someone to destroy your soul. You will never be able to lay a hand on Meredith!”