Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1227

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1227 – Madeline smiled. “Did you forget? Back then, Jeremy k****d my parents and when that happened, I divorced him. Everyone in Glendale knows about me marrying Ryan later. Do you not know about that?”

“…” Karen was taken aback, then she argued. “Wasn’t that a mission by Interpol? Ryan and you aren’t really husband and wife!”

“Not back then, but now we are,” Madeline answered without a second thought.

Karen looked stunned. She was looking at Madeline dumbfoundedly.

“Eveline, what’s wrong with you? You love Jeremy so much…”

“Yes, I do love him. However, it has been so many years yet how many happy days did I have with him?”

Madeline scoffed and showed her discontentment.

“My parents were k****d by him and Lily is mute because of him. Now, he’s even involved in a m****r. Plus, the stocks of Montgomery Enterprise were also affected because of him. I’ve had enough.”

“Jeremy didn’t k**l anyone! He was framed! Do you not believe him as well?” Karen started to get agitated as she tried to hold Madeline’s hand. She said, “Eveline, you’ve been through so much with Jeremy. You can’t leave him now!”

Madeline pushed Karen’s hand away like she was disgusted with her. Her face was filled with frost.

“So what if I believe him? There’s so much evidence against him, and if he’s captured, his life will be over even if he doesn’t get the d***h penalty. Why would I want to stay with a man like that? I’ve wasted more than ten years of my life on him. I don’t want to waste any more of my life.”

Her face was frigid as she rejected Karen. Her tone was also emotionless.

“From now on, aside from the three children we have, there’s nothing else between us anymore. It doesn’t matter if he’s d**d or alive, or if he’s captured or not. It’s none of my business—”


Before Madeline could finish her sentence, Karen slapped her across the face heavily.

Madeline did not feel any pain on her face when she received the slap. On the contrary, her heart was the one in pain.

“Eveline Montgomery, I was wrong about you!”

Karen’s face was filled with disappointment as she berated Madeline.

“I thought I was blind when I misunderstood you and falsely accused you of things you didn’t do, but now, I’m still blind. I seriously thought you were a good daughter-in-law! Eveline, let me tell you, don’t even think about getting custody of the children. They don’t have a cold-blooded mother like you!”

Madeline endured the pain in her heart and touched her hurting face nonchalantly. “Do you think I want it? It’s better if I don’t have children. They’ll just get in the way of Ryan and me.”

“You…” Karen was shaking from anger. When she was about to slap Madeline again, Ryan appeared just in time.

He stopped Karen and grabbed Madeline’s shoulder to protect her in his arms intimately.

When Karen saw this, she was livid. “You kept saying that you love Jeremy, but in the end, you’re running into the arms of another man because of superficial gains! Eveline, you’re fickle. The Whitmans don’t have a daughter-in-law like you!”

When Karen was done yelling at her, she left angrily.

After Madeline endured Karen’s beratings, she let out a sigh of relief in secret.

It was fine to be misunderstood. The most important thing right now was that she was one step closer to her goal.

Madeline pushed Ryan away after Karen left. She said coldly, “I want to be discharged.”

Ryan seemed to be in a good mood. He smiled and nodded. “Okay, I’ll take you home.”


Madeline scoffed sarcastically.

A house was not a home if Jeremy was not there, not even when it was the most luxurious house in the world.

Madeline was brought to the mansion that she stayed in a few days while she was married to Ryan. However, when she stepped foot inside, Ryan received a call from Mr. Jones.

Judging from Ryan’s tone, it sounded like something urgent had happened and he needed to take care of the matter now.

She pretended to sit on the sofa in exhaustion as she waited for Ryan to end the call.

Indeed, when Ryan saw Madeline’s tired face after the call, he looked at her in concern.

“Your wounds won’t heal so quickly, so you should stay home and tend to it. I’ll take you to see my parents in a few days.” There was concern laced in between his words.

Ryan walked in front of Madeline and bent down when he saw her not reacting to him.

“Eveline, I know you have a purpose for getting close to me, but I don’t think I’m worse than Jeremy. I’ll make you fall in love with me and forget about that m******r.”

Madeline calmly looked at the confident pair of eyes in front of her before clenching her fists in secret.