Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1213

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1213 – Madeline raised her teary eyes and looked ahead where Jeremy was staring at.

Under the sunlight, the sound of ocean waves came traveling into her ears. She could sniff out the saltiness of the ocean, which was the scent of summer.

It was April Hill—the place where they first met and became a pair.

“Linnie, I hope in my next life, I’ll still be able to hold your hand and chase you around on this beach. At that time, I’ll always keep your looks in my mind and will never mistake you for someone else. I’ll never let you endure those unnecessary humiliations again.”

Madeline burst into tears and buried her face in the crook of Jeremy’s neck when she heard the man’s anticipating and apologetic comments. “Jeremy, I don’t wish for your next life. I only want you in this life.”

As she was talking, she suddenly put on a serious look. “Jeremy, I’ll never let anything happen to you!”

The moment Jeremy heard her comment, it made him recall the night at the hospital when Madeline once said something similar.

In the meantime, the pain in his heart was unbearable. His breath had weakened as well, and he could only lean against her to relax.

However, in the next second, Jeremy noticed Madeline taking out a similar bottle of anti-toxoid test reagent from her purse which she always carried with her. Then, she took out a disposable syringe and needle.

Madeline drew the anti-toxoid test reagent into the syringe and grabbed Jeremy’s arm while looking for his pulse. Then, she injected the liquid into him without a trace of doubt.

Once again, Jeremy felt the icy cold liquid spreading throughout his body. What followed was a piercing sensation that left him in indescribable pain.

He tried to hold out when he slowly felt that his heart was no longer in unbearable pain. His breathing became much smoother as well.

Madeline saw the expression on Jeremy’s face that seemed to show that he was feeling better and placed the needle aside. She hugged him tightly. “Jeremy, don’t worry. I’ll never let you leave me just like that. I want you to accompany me and our kids for even more years to come.”

“What’s this, Linnie?” Jeremy gradually sat up. He finally had the strength to touch Madeline’s tear-stained face.

“It’s an anti-toxoid test reagent,” Madeline answered with honesty.

Hearing her answer made Jeremy feel as if all his doubts were being solved.

“Was this given to you by Ryan?” he asked. A second later, he frowned. “Is that why you’ve been keeping quiet and heeding to all his requests all this while?”

Madeline knew she could no longer keep it from Jeremy. Feeling troubled, she nodded and advised, “Jeremy, I know you won’t accept the anti-toxoid test reagent given by him, but this can save your life. As long as it’s going to make you better, I think it’s worth going through everything else.”

Jeremy felt much calmer after listening to Madeline’s comment.

“How many did Ryan give you?” he asked with a faint tone.

“Yesterday, he suddenly changed his mind and gave me a box of it. It’ll be enough for a month.”

“Where’s the remainder?”

Madeline obediently took out the remaining three anti-toxoid test reagents from her purse.

Since Jeremy was involved in a m****r case, she thought that if she was able to meet up with him today, she would try all means to hand him these anti-toxoid test reagents. Even so, she never thought it would work out.

She gave the anti-toxoid test reagents to Jeremy and said, “I don’t know when Adam joined forces with Ryan, but this slow-acting poison was created by Adam, so the anti-toxoid test reagents from him must be the most effective.”

Madeline explained and continued, “Jeremy, actually before this, I’ve already injected you with three doses of this anti-toxoid test reagent. I thought you were improving, but just now, why were you suddenly in so much pain?”

Jeremy was aware of the previous three doses. As for the reason he was in so much pain earlier, Jeremy was aware as well, but at that moment, he could not remain calm enough to face it.

Suddenly, Jeremy took away the three anti-toxoid test reagents from Madeline. He got up and headed toward the sea.

“Jeremy! What do you think you’re doing?!” Madeline had a feeling she knew what Jeremy was up to. She quickly caught up to him. “Jeremy, I know you hate Ryan, but you can’t act rashly! Nothing is more important than your health in order to live a long life, Jeremy!”

“If I have to make my woman yield to another man and suffer humiliation, all so that I can live a safe and healthy life, I’d rather d*e standing up, than live life on my knees!”