Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1212

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Jeremy suddenly slammed on the brake pedal. At the eleventh hour, before he lost his consciousness, he parked the motorcycle beside a paddy field that almost no people would pass by and used up his entire strength to carry Madeline down safely.

Madeline felt that something was weird when she heard the sudden ear-piercing sound of the brakes.

However, to her astonishment, the moment she stepped down, Jeremy suddenly started coughing vigorously. His face became extremely pale.

“What’s wrong, Jeremy?!” Madeline hugged him anxiously.

Jeremy did not want Madeline to witness his suffering and embarrassing appearance, so he gently pushed her away.

“Stay away from me, Linnie,” he said as he spun around. Not even after two steps, he placed his hand on a big tree beside the road to support himself weakly.

“Jeremy!” Madeline could not ditch him. She ran to Jeremy and hugged him. “What’s going on, Jeremy? Are you feeling unwell anywhere? Tell me!”

Madeline felt as if her heart was being bitten by millions of ants as tears came streaming down her face when she saw her man turning pale.

Jeremy withstood the intense pain, but in the end, he could not suppress the itchy sensation in his dry throat, which urged him to cough.

He started coughing vigorously. Coupled with the pinching pain at his heart area, he felt as if he was about to pass out.

“What’s going on, Jeremy? Don’t frighten me!” Madeline’s voice was trembling, and she held on to him tightly. “Jeremy, you said you’ll never leave me again. You must not let anything happen to you, Jeremy!”

Jeremy could hear every single word spoken by Madeline. He wanted to comfort her, but he did not even have the strength to lift his hand.

Madeline got worried as her tears, as big as beans, dripped onto the back of Jeremy’s palm. “Don’t leave me, Jeremy, I’m begging you…”

Jeremy wished to answer Madeline and give his promise, but the moment he opened his mouth, he still could not fight against the urge to cough.

With every cough, it was like a heavy stone that smashed at Madeline’s heart, making her feel a pinch.

Jeremy grasped Madeline’s hand to comfort her. However, he could not control the metallic taste that was coming up to his throat. In the end, while facing Madeline, he vomited blood.


Seeing the split second when Jeremy vomited blood, Madeline felt her heart been pierced.

She held him in her arms and helped him under the tree to sit. While sobbing, she took out a handkerchief from her pocket, fumbling, to wipe off the bloodstain on the corner of his mouth.

The color of the blood was not as dark as it was previously, but it was still not the color it should be. Madeline grasped the handkerchief and looked at Jeremy who had stopped coughing.

“Jeremy, Jeremy, how do you feel now?”

Jeremy took a deep breath, trying his best to recompose himself. However, he was still feeling the pain in his heart.

“I’ve made you worried again.” He was panting and using whatever that was left in him to speak. It seemed that he was still conscious as he looked at Madeline with a passionate gaze. “Linnie, I guess I can’t keep this from you any longer.”

He let out a helpless sigh as the glitter from his eyes slowly dimmed.

“Linnie, actually, I’ve never recovered from my illness. Or should I say, I’m not going to recover? Two years. At most, I can only keep you company for two more years.”

Madeline had already known about it for some time. Nonetheless, listening to the words from Jeremy himself just made her even more heartbroken compared to when she first knew about it.

It was summer at that time, but at that moment, she felt as if there was snow along with the breeze. She could feel a chilly gust of wind blowing over her skin.

“I know you’ll be extremely sad, but I hope from now on, you’ll slowly accept this fact.” Jeremy comforted Madeline while trying to get her prepared mentally. “Do you see it, Linnie? Where’s this place?”