Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1211

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1211 – “The police?” Madeline’s heart skipped a beat. She immediately took action and made Jeremy hide in the room.

Ding d**g, ding d**g! The ringing of the doorbell continued, and this made Madeline feel worried about Jeremy being busted.

Madeline made her way into the bathroom without any hesitation. She wet her wig and put on a bathing robe. Then, she took out a big towel and pretended to wipe her hair dry as if she had just taken her bath. Only then did she go to open the door.

“What was taking you so long? What were you doing in there?” asked a young police officer who looked crossed.

Madeline put on a vexed look as she lowered her head to wipe her hair, covering her features. She said in a lazy tone, “Hey police officer, can’t you see that I’m taking a bath? What’s the urgent issue right here?”

The police officer scanned through the room. “We’re investigating a m****r case in the room ahead. No guests are allowed to stay in any of the rooms on this floor. Please pack up and leave this place as soon as possible.”

“How can it be? I just arrived here with my boyfriend.” Madeline retorted, putting on an unpleasant look.

The police officer lost his cool. “Just leave when you’re ordered to. Those who’re in the way of the officers’ work will be interrogated, do you know that?”

“Alright, I’ll leave once I’m done changing my clothes.” Madeline snorted like she was not satisfied and closed the door.

After closing the door, Madeline quickly took off the bathing robe and discarded the towel. She returned to Jeremy’s side and yanked his arm.

“Jeremy, I know you’re here waiting for an opportunity to look for clues, but if you don’t leave, the police may spot you.”

Jeremy knew what Madeline was worried about. He had no intention to go against her wish. “I’ll listen to you, Linnie.”

He put on a casual outfit, wore a pair of sunglasses that he had prepared earlier, then grabbed onto Madeline’s shoulder. They looked just like a lovely couple. They both hugged each other and left the room for the elevator.

A police officer who was just done patrolling the nearby rooms saw Madeline and Jeremy’s back views, making him puzzled.

“Didn’t that short-haired lady’s boyfriend leave to buy condoms earlier? Why is there another man with her?”

Another one of his colleagues was curious as well. “It can’t be. Just now, there were only two of them entering, so why did three come out instead?”

“It’s suspicious!” The police sensed something fishy going on and jogged to Madeline and Jeremy. “The couple ahead, hold up.”

Madeline and Jeremy knew the police were calling out to them. However, at that moment, it was as though they read each other’s thoughts, simply through an exchange of eyes. Not only did they refuse to stop their footsteps, but they also grabbed onto each other’s hands tightly and made a run for the escape stairs.


The police noticed something off and went to catch up to them.

Madeline and Jeremy forfeited their chance to take the elevator and ran down the stairs at full speed.

From the eighth floor to the first floor, it only took Madeline and Jeremy less than three minutes to run through.

Jeremy carried Madeline and hopped onto a motorcycle. Just at that second when the police were about to catch up to them, Jeremy started the engine.

“Linnie, grab on to me tightly.”

“Alright!” Madeline extended her arms and held on to Jeremy’s waist tightly.

The motorcycle went at full throttle on the road. Along with the summer’s chilly breeze, Madeline’s wig was blown away, as well as her hairband. Her hair was then let loose, dancing along with the wind.

Madeline could not help but think of it as an escaping scene. However, as long Jeremy was there, no matter which corner on earth, that place would still be her home.

Actually, after running down the flight of stairs, Jeremy’s heart was feeling unwell. However, he did not want to cause Madeline any trouble. Hence, he vowed to bring her away from there.

He had driven quite a distance away, but along the journey, the area around Jeremy’s heart was hurting with each heartbeat. He was even having some difficulty breathing.