Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1206

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1206 – Madeline glared at Ryan. “Were you the one who exposed all the so-called truth on the net?”

“I’m just stating the fact.” Ryan acted matter-of-factly. “Jeremy used to be all lovey-dovey with Lana, am I wrong?”

“Shut up!” Madeline roared. “Ryan, you and I know why my husband was so close with Lana back then! He was making a huge sacrifice for Interpol, but you’re claiming that they were both a couple? How rotten can your heart be?!”

Ryan was not bothered with Madeline’s reprimanding and spoke in a way as if he was giving a kind reminder, “Instead of scolding me right here, why not go hire Jeremy a good lawyer?”

He smiled while looking at Madeline who was still glaring at him. “Just wait till they compare the fingerprints on the gun left at the scene. Jeremy will never be able to shake the crime off him. Murdering costs one’s life. Even if I give you all the doses of anti-toxoid test reagent needed to complete the course of treatment, you’ll still be unable to save Jeremy.”

Under the moonlight, Ryan’s smile looked extraordinarily evil and dark.

Seeing Ryan leaving with confidence made Madeline suddenly think of something.

‘What did he just say? Even if he gives me all the doses of anti-toxoid test reagent needed, I still won’t be able to save Jeremy?

‘Is it because Ryan knows that Jeremy is beyond help and that’s why he was generous enough to give the box of anti-toxoid test reagents to me?!


‘You knew that Jeremy would land into trouble!

‘So, this is all your trap?!’

Madeline was not willing to wait any longer. She marched into the police station and claimed that she was here to bail Jeremy out.

Since there was not enough evidence and Madeline was bailing Jeremy while following the standard operating procedure, the police officers could only give in.

After exiting the police station, Jeremy looked at Madeline as his eyes glittered with guilt. “Linnie, in the end, I’ve only made you concerned and worried about me.”

“What nonsense are you talking about? You’re my husband. It’s a given that I should be worried about you.”

Hearing Madeline’s comment made Jeremy stare at the entrance of the police station. He let out a mocking laugh.

“Back then, when you were wronged and sent to j**l, I didn’t just fold my arms without helping you, but I also added fuel to the fire.”

Madeline quickly grabbed Jeremy’s hands. “Silly husband, stop thinking about these unnecessary things. Let’s go home for now.”

Jeremy nodded, entered Madeline’s car, and they headed back home together.

However, before they reached the gates, they spotted a big group of reporters from far away who were blocking the path in. Madeline and Jeremy had no choice but to enter the house from the rear entrance.

It seemed that the incident had blown up.

The young master of Glendale’s number one affluent family was involved in a m****r case. News of it was spreading like wildfire on the net.

Hundreds of millions of netizens were keeping a keen eye on the updates.

Madeline and Jeremy went back to their bedroom as the kids were already asleep.

Madeline sneaked a peek through the window and noticed the number of reporters had increased. Not far away, a police car appeared again.

“Why are the police here again?” Madeline was puzzled. “Jeremy, stay in the room and don’t leave. I’ll go downstairs.”

“Linnie.” Jeremy did not wish for Madeline to face the situation alone. “Let me go. You should keep an eye on the kids.”

“No.” Madeline yanked Jeremy’s arm, feeling anxious. “I still think something is fishy. You listen to me and don’t come down!”

Jeremy noticed Madeline wearing a very serious look that he had never seen on her before. He nodded and heeded her instruction to stay in the room.

After Madeline came downstairs, she saw police officers rushing to her. The reporters seized the opportunity to follow over as well.

“Mrs. Whitman, where’s Mr. Whitman?” the officers asked directly.

Madeline faced the media and the police in a composed manner, replying, “May I know what’s going on?”