Married by Mistake: Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife Chapter 1200

Read Married by Mistake Mr. Whitman’s Sinner Wife [by Sixteenth Child] Chapter 1200 – After he listened to Jeremy’s warning, Ryan’s face was no longer calm and composed.

His face fell. His handsome and gentle features clouded with thick darkness.

He picked up his phone and called Adam. “Get Lana’s location and update me immediately.”

Adam was obedient and immediately called Lana according to Ryan’s instructions.

Since Lana needed Adam’s anti-toxoid reagent to live, she had set a special ringtone for Adam’s calls.

Coincidentally, Lana had just run out of the anti-toxoid test reagents yesterday. When she received the call from Adam, she was very excited. “Adam, give me the anti-toxoid test reagent!” she said in a commanding tone.

“At eight o’clock tonight, you’ll go to the presidential suite of Glendale Hotel and wait. Someone will send you the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent,” Adam answered unhurriedly.

Lana gritted her teeth in dissatisfaction. “Adam, you traitor! Have you forgotten who gave you the resources and asked you to do the research? Once my brother died, you were—”

“Lana, don’t indulge in the glory of the past. If you want to survive now, you’d better put away your egoistic attitude. You’re no longer a princess, so don’t act like one.”


Lana wanted to continue scolding him, but Adam had already hung up the phone.

After thinking about what Adam said just now, Lana glanced at the time. There was still some time before eight o’clock.

She took a walk outside and went to the villa she had lived in before. It was now sealed up.

Lana was resentful and felt that everything that happened to her was Madeline’s fault.

Lana had been thinking about how to deal with Madeline until the moment she headed to the presidential suite.

When she reached the door, she saw that the door was ajar.

Lana pushed the door open and wondered if the person delivering the anti-toxoid test reagents had already arrived, but as soon as she walked in, she did not see anyone.

She decided to take a comfortable shower, and when she came out, she unexpectedly saw a man standing in front of the French window.

The man was tall and handsome, looking extremely attractive from the back.

Lana had not slept with a decent man for a long time. As she looked at the uninvited guest, her red lips curled into a smile as she walked over.

“Hey, handsome. Are you here to give me the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent from Adam?”

The man in front of the French window turned around when he heard her.

When she took a good look at the face in front of her, the smile on Lana’s face suddenly fell. “Ryan, why are you here?”

Ryan strode his long legs slowly toward her, moving closer to Lana. “Why not? Did you forget what Adam said to you?”

“What? It was you? You and Adam… What do you mean?”

Lana was confused but did not forget why she was here.

“I don’t care when you and Adam colluded. I just want the anti-toxoid test reagent!” she said, putting her hand out to Ryan. “Ryan, Adam must have given you the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent. Give them to me right now!”

Ryan’s eyes sank as he slowly took a gun from the inner pocket of his suit. He then installed the silencer. “I’m not here to give you the bottles of anti-toxoid test reagent, Lana. I’m here to send you to see Yorick.”


Lana’s eyes widened in h****r as she looked at the man in front of her in disbelief.

She felt that something was wrong and tightened the towel around her body as she turned to run. However, Ryan had already aimed the gun at her forehead!

Lana’s legs trembled. “Ryan! A-Are you really going to k**l me?!”

Ryan’s expression was blank as he smiled. “You’ll find out soon, Lana.”